Jets Sign Trevor Pryce

The Jets have acquired a “Rex Ryan guy” today in defensive end Trevor Pryce.  Pryce is the NFL’s fourth active sacker, and will provide much needed depth the Jets’ defensive line.  Two years ago, Pryce had 13 sacks while playing under Rex Ryan’s Ravens.  The Ravens had all intentions of re-signing Pryce after waiving him, but the Jets quickly snatched him up.  During practice today, Rex Ryan said, “I think he’ll be in passing situations.  I definitely think he can get out there, and this guy’s a finisher. He’s a great pass rusher, very similar to Jason Taylor except he’s an inside rusher. Go back and look at what we said about Trevor before we played the Ravens [in this season’s opener]. I think he’s one of the best, if not the best, pass rushers in the game. We just added a terrific player to go along with what we already have.”

This is a great job by the front office to bring Pryce in.  He may be on the downside of his career, but he can still contribute.  After all, he did have 6.5 sacks last year.


Knicks Have Deal in Place to Acquire 2011 Draft Pick

According to Real GM, the Knicks have a deal in place to acquire a 2011 first-round drat pick.  This could be the missing piece in a Carmelo trade.  The Knicks would only make this trade if the Nuggets were willing to open trade talks.

Real GM also reports that Isiah Thomas says Carmelo would re-sign with the Knicks.  While I don’t doubt Isiah, he better watch out what he says.  You never know who may want to bring up tampering charges.

How ironic would it be if Carmelo comes to the Knicks and Isiah Thomas becomes a legend in Knick folk lore?  He would go from the most hated man in Knicks history to the most beloved figure by any team in sports.  All we can do now is hope this report is true and progress is made.

Oh how ironic this could turn out to be.

Carmelo Trade Dead

A proposed four-way trade that would send Carmelo Anthony to the Nets is now dead according to multiple sources.  This was after the Nets issued a deadline of tomorrow for the trade to get done.  For now, the Nets will have to move on and focus on the pieces they have in place.  I have said it before and I will say it again.  The Nets can be a playoff team.  I currently project them to have at least 35 wins and a chance to contend for a playoff spot in the east.  I would currently rank them eighth or ninth in the east, but that can all change depending on how their young talent develops.

While this isn’t the end of the world for Net fans, this is still a huge blow.  You need a franchise player to win a championship in this league.  Melo would have been that franchise player, and he would have probably brought a few of his friends with him as well.

Nets Making a New Deal?

With last week’s four-team trade for Carmelo Anthony off, the Nets are now scrambling to put together a new deal for the star forward.  According to Yahoo Sports, the Nets are trying to work out a deal to make Carmelo a Net and Derrick Favors a Nugget.  This news comes after rumors circulating today that Devin Harris is unhappy with Avery Johnson and the Nets.  It is unknown if Harris will be part of the new deal.

For more on this, feel free to visit our archives of Carmelo articles and rumors.

Jets Postgame: Week 3

Put it in the books.  There is now a three-way tie at the top of the AFC East.  The Jets are now 2-1 after a huge 31-23 win over the Dolphins.

Everyone played a good game today and the offense fought until the end.  The defense was a bit weak, but that’s what happens when your best two defensive players are out.  Overall it was a real solid win.

Mark Sanchez is beginning to show that he is a high-quality NFL quarterback.  Through three games, he has not thrown an interception.  If he continues this type of play, the Jets will be unbeatable.  All the Jets need is for Sanchez to be a game manager.  Right now, Sanchez is doing that and more.  The ironic part?  Santino Holmes isn’t even back yet.

Sanchez: 15/28, 256 yards, 3 TD
Tomlinson:  15 carries, 70 yards, 1 TD
Keller: 6 catches, 98 yards, 2 TD

Henne: 26/44, 363 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT
Brown: 11 catches, 54 yards
Marshall: 10 catches, 166 yards, 1 TD

I can go on and on about this game, but I think this video sums it up.

Carmelo Trade Off?

It isn’t over until it’s over.  Carmelo may not be heading to the Nets after all.  After almost no progress yesterday, a four-team trade that would send Carmelo to the Nets may not happen.  Now here is the interesting part.  Carmelo may now be lobbying for a trade to the Knicks.  Yes, the Knicks.  What a turn of events in the past 24 hours.

Real GM confirms these rumors, saying that Melo to the Knicks is definitely a possibility.  On the other hand, Steve Kyler posted the following on Twitter, “Sources speculated that Melo simply wants to be a Free Agent in 2011 and won’t sign an extension with anyone… No Extension No Trade.”  I highly doubt this to be true, but it is certainly a possibility.  I doubt Carmelo will have an hour long show where he decides where to take his talents to, but I do understand why he would want to keep his options open.

If this trade does indeed fall through, this is a huge blow to the Nets franchise.  This may have been their only chance to obtain a franchise player.  The Nets now have to hope that Derrick Favors becomes the next great power forward in this league.  Even if he does, the Nets will never have the firepower to compete in the Eastern Conference.  How are the Nets supposed to get past the Bulls, the Heat, and the Knicks if they sign Carmelo?  I also truly believe that Chris Paul will follow Carmelo and go to either New York or New Jersey. 

On the other hand, this is a huge opportunity for the Knicks.  If they have a chance to get Carmelo, you have to be willing to trade everyone on your team except Amar’e Stoudemire to get him.  A core of Carmelo and Amar’e can compete with the Heat and Lakers if you get a premier point guard.  Even if you miss out on Chris Paul, Tony Parker isn’t a bad fall back option.  If Anthony Randolph can develop into a star like people think he can, he is another piece to the puzzle.  There is also the possibility that Timofey Mozgov becomes an elite center in this league.  Wouldn’t that be something?

In the end, this is a great day for Knicks fans and a terrible day for Nets fans.  This is a potential turning point in each franchise’s history.  Carmelo could make or break the next five years for either franchise.

Don't count out the Knicks.

Melo Trade Talks Heating Up

D.J. Augustine has now been removed from trade talks, leaving the Nets without a point guard if they proposed Carmelo Anthony deal goes through.  However, Nuggets guard Arron Affalo has been added to the trade talks.  Affalo would give the Nets depth at shooting guard, and would allow Terrence Williams to spend more minutes at point guard if needed. 

We don’t know at this point what is holding up the deal.  The Nuggets could want more, the Nets could want another player back, or Carmelo could still be having doubts about joining the Nets.  Whatever the case is, all sides hope to finish the deal by Monday. 

If you are a Nets fan, you have to be optimistic right now.  You are potentially one day away from adding a top-five NBA player who would be the face of the franchise heading into Brooklyn.  Not only that, Melo would attract other free agents to come here.  It’s way too early to talk about this, but the Nets would have cap room in 2012 to go after Chris Paul.  A Paul/Melo/Lopez core is something you can build a championship out of.

Carmelo Brooklyn Bound?