This May be Lebron’s Best Chance to Win a Title

The Heat better win this year, or they may have trouble ever getting this far again. The East is going to be ridiculously stacked over the next few seasons.

– The Bulls will only improve with Rose maturing another year. He’s only what, 22? If they can maybe add a real nice 2-guard, the Heat will never be able to beat them.

– The Knicks will be much better next year once they fill out their roster and possibly add Chris Paul. If built right, that team could definitely be the Heat’s kryptonite.

– The Magic will put a really good team together next year to try to convince Dwight to stay or at least make the best of his final year there. If they can sure up some weak spots, they will be a much more balanced team than the Heat.

– I’m assuming the Celtics will do something in the offseason to replace Perkins, which will once again put them at the top of the conference. I still think they can easily beat the Heat if they are healthy and have enough size to play the defense they are capable of.

– The Sixers, Pacers, Bucks, Nets, and Wizards all could become contenders within the next few seasons if they make the right moves. There’s always that team every few seasons that comes out of nowhere. If the Nets get Howard, that’s another major contender in the East.

– The Heat have absolutely no cap space to do anything for the next 5 years or so. That’s not a big deal, but the new CBA could put a hard cap in place and/or get rid of the mid-level exception. Uh oh. It really could come down to Wade, Lebron, Bosh, and 12 D-Leaguers.

– What if someone gets hurt? Doesn’t Bosh have a knee problem? If one of the big three go down, they are done. The Heat are built in a way that if one of them go down, their season is over. A team like the Bulls on the other hand, could survive losing any starter but Rose.

– Coaches now have one full season + playoffs of tape on the Big Three playing together. They didn’t have that before. Defensive minds like Thibodeau and Rivers WILL study the hell out of these tapes all offseason and find a way to stop these guys.

– There will be even less fan support than this season. Now that the novelty is worn off, basketball will once again become irrelevant in Miami, especially if they don’t win it all this season. Playing in front of empty arenas every night, or having other fans pack your arena, will only cost you home regular season games.

– With more and more superstars having or about to enter the East like Amare, Carmelo, Chris Paul and Dwight Howard, the playing field has been leveled. The Heat won’t be the only ones getting calls every game.

– The Heat gave away almost all their draft picks for the next few seasons in the Lebron and Bosh trades. Sure, it may mean nothing, but you aren’t going to find that draft steal that could take them to the next level. Even in the late 20s, you can find someone to take your team to the next level. The Heat will have to fill out their roster with old, washed up veterans looking for a ring.


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