Mets Need to Trade Two Players at the Deadline

Well, we are at the halfway point of the MLB season and the Mets have surprised many experts by posting a 41-40 record entering this weekend series against the Yankees. Also, surprising many experts has been the play of Carlos Beltran and the fact that he has played in more games than any other Met thus far this season. With a line of 12HRS/54RBI’S, Beltran is on pace to hit 24Hrs and 108 RBI’s, while playing a solid OF and hitting over .280.

The latest trade rumor I’ve been hearing is that the Texas Rangers have interest in Beltran, which bolds well for the Mets; since the Rangers farm system ranks in the top 5 in MLB. Despite the Mets success this season, Beltran needs to be dealt and the Rangers make a perfect match. If I was Alderson, I would want 2 prospects from the Rangers’ top-15. My selections would be Martin Perez (LHP, ranked #2) and Luke Jackson (RHP, ranked #14).

The second Met that needs to be traded is K-Rod. The Mets would love to find a new home for him so his 2012 option year isn’t vested ($17.5). Krod has already agreed to move on to a contender, and what better contending team to trade him to in the Yankees. With injuries to Feliciano, Soriano and Chamberlain, the Yankees have expressed early interest in K-Rod and perhaps that interest is still attainable if both sides can agree on a fair package. My proposal trade would be Krod to the Yankees for Gary Sanchez (Catcher, ranked #2) and Graham Stoneburner (RHP, ranked #11).

It’s no secret the Mets need to rebuild their farm system, which they have over the last few years, but still they rank in the middle of the pack. It’s also no secret the Mets lack depth in their system for pitching and catchers. The Rangers have depth in their system in pitching and the Yankees have 3 catching prospects in their top 10. Beltran could be that missing piece for the Rangers (playoffs) and could impact them like he did with Houston. Krod would certainly give the Yankees that needed bridge (8th inning) before Rivera and give the Yankees more options.

Now before you think that the Mets are giving too much talent away for nothing, remember this: There are no guarantees when it comes to a prospects talent level once they reach the ML.  Perez , Jackson, Sanchez and Stoneburner are graded high and if just one of these prospects develops into what many project them to be, then it’s obviously worth it. The Mets need to trade Beltran now and not let him walk to FA, because he has a clause in his contract that any team that signs him will not be liable for any compensation to the Mets. As for Krod, his $17.5 vesting option should be enough of a reason to trade him, don’t you think?

Carlos Beltran



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