Osi to be Traded?

It’s early, but ESPN has reported that the Giants have given Osi Umenyiora’s agent permission to work out a trade. Things just seem to be getting tougher for the Giants this offseason. If Ahmad Bradshaw signs anywhere else but with the Giants this offseason can officially be considered a bust for Jerry Reese. Don’t forget Reese has yet to sign first round draft pick Prince Amukamara.

The Giants season is shaping up to be a run of the mill 8-8 year. Reese focuses on the draft and to his credit he has drafted exceptionally; however with the Giants experiencing cap issues and not reeling in any free agents for the first time I’m questioning Reese’s ability. My honest opinion, I believe Osi is dealt and Bradshaw signs elsewhere its just the way this off-season is shaping up.

UPDATE: The Giants have signed Ahmad Bradshaw.


5 Responses to Osi to be Traded?

  1. Mike K,

    Perhaps its time for the Giants to trade Osi, he still has value and with Pierre-Paul developing well in the 2nd half last season; the Giants could acquire some needed draft picks. There are alot of teams in the NFL that could use a player like Umenyiora, especailly teams like Cleveland and St. Louis. The compensation for Umenyiora is debatable, but I would think a 2nd and 5th rounder would be fair for both sides.

    • Mike K. says:

      I agree that its time to trade Osi. If you don’t want to be here, we will show you the door. The only thing that worries me is the fact that the Giants only strength is their D- line and by trading Osi you lose some of the depth you have had for the last few years.

      • You’re right about the depth of the Giants, which was very deep last season. If Osi is traded, along with the departure of Cofield (signed by the Redskins), the Giants hope that players like Joseph and Austin can step into the vacant shoes of Cofield and Pierre-Paul and Kiwanuka can replace Umenyiora. Regardless, The NFC east as usual is one of the toughest divisions in football. The Eagles, Giants, Redskins and Cowboys always beat each other up and whoever has the best record in these games, usually wins the division. Philly made a big splash with their late signings, but chemistry plays a big part in football. Although the Eagles won the division last season; there’s not guarantees they can repeat. I still think that division is up for grabs between the Eagles, Giants and Cowboys.

  2. Mike K. says:

    I’m cautiously optimistic for the Giants this season. I just have one question, right now with the roster they currently have what is this teams strength? They seem to be decent in many areas but do not particularly stand out in one aspect of the game. Usually you would say the running game and pressuring the quarterback, but with many changes in the trenches I remain a tad skeptical.

    • Last season, the Giants finiished at #5 in overall offense. This breakdown shows the Giants finishing at #10 in passing and at #6 in running. Although I liked O’Hara and Seubert, both were getting old and losing a step or step. The addition of Bass and White will add youth and depth to the Giants OL. Moving Diehl back to guard will also help the Giants in both the passing and running game. The key to the Giants OL will be Beatty replacing Diehl at LT. Diehl, Snee, Bass or Koets and McKenize should all be solid. Resigning Bradshaw was hugh and he should perform well alongside Jacobs. On the defensive side on the ball, the Giants finished at #7 overall. The breakdown shows the Giants finishing at #9 against the pass (which should improve with #1 pick Amukamara) and #8 against the run (which will also improve with Pierre-Paul playing more if Umenyiora is traded). Remember this, Pierre-Paul led the Giants in sacks in the 2nd half of the season and is a much better run stopper than Umenyiora. The lost of Cofield will be missed, but I feel that Joseph and Austin will make many forget about Cofield midway through the season. Now let’s address one more area that the Giants were weak in last season; and that’s kickoffs and punt return. With the return of Hixon and the drafting of Jernigan, this should not be a concern this season. Overall, anything could happen as we all know; but the Giants are still a very talented team and Manning is in his prime with back to back 4000 yards seasons. I am not concern with his interception last season, that total will decline this year.

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