Major Giant Concerns

The New York Giants have several major concerns as we head into another week of training camp. Not only are they faced with a shorten training camp , they must find answers and resolutions to the following questions:

1. What to do with Osi Umenyiora? At this point, the answer is obvious not only to Giant management, but to the media and fans as well. Regardless who is to blame in this, the Giants need to trade Umenyiora and get the best offer they can. originally, the Giants were looking for at least a 1st rounder as compensation, which I felt was unrealistic. The Giants could and should be able to receive a 2nd and 5th rounder as compensation or perhaps an NFL player and a draft pick for Umenyiora. There have been rumors flying around with teams like Seattle, St. Louis, Denver, Baltimore, San Diego and Atlanta as possible teams interested in Umenyiora.Whether these rumors are true or not, Umenyiora had a solid season last season and the Giants find a taker.

2. The TE position: With the lost of Kevin Boss (signed with the Raiders), the Giants need to find a TE. Currently, the Giants have Travis Beckum slated as their #1 TE. Beckum has skills as a receiver, however his blocking ability doesn’t quite match up with the Giants offensive schemes which requires their TE’s to block. Behind Beckum are two solid blockers in Jake Ballard and Bear Pascoe (who will most likely be the starting fullback, unless rookie Henry Hynoski impresses everyone in training camp and wins the job). The Giants need a TE who is not one-dimensional. The Giants need a TE who can block and catch the ball. Having a one-dimensional TE would certainly give opposing teams an idea what type of play the Giants are going to run and make the Giants a more predictable team.

3. Injury of Amukamara: Listed as a broken bone in his foot, which will sideline him for the next 2 months and possibly another full month after that to see action. The Giants face the season with Corey Webster and Terrell Thomas as the starters. The only backup depth is Aaron Ross, who thus far has been a disappointment for the Giants. The loss to Amukamara is a major setback for this team as Amukamara is the team’s best one on one cover guy (even as a rookie) and the Giants depth at DB is very thin.

Aside from these 3 issues, the Giants do have some good things to smile about. Over the next several weeks I will be following the team throughout training camp and report on any news from possibly trades to injuries.


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