Giants Sign Prince

It took long enough but the Giants and 1st round draft pick Prince Amukamara have agreed to a deal.The talented corner-back was the last of all the first round draft choices to sign. The Giants have made an adventure of signing players this off-season and the only two significant moves to date have been expected. This off-season they have re-signed Ahmad Bradshaw, and have signed a Prince.


See Ya Next Spring

It is not definite but several reports have stated that Johan Santana has been experiencing lingering shoulder pain and will be going to see a doctor. Just another classic Met injury. They build you up with progress and then tear you back down with a setback. I had a feeling this was too good to be true, this injury requires more time and I believe Santana was rushed or rushed himself.

I’m almost certain we will not see Johan this season and I wouldn’t be shocked for him to be out for part of next spring. Now this could be nothing; however this is a METS injury and will be much worse than it seems. The rotation is going to be a similar next year as it will be lacking a true ace. I’d start looking forward to the Wheeler/Harvey era sooner rather than later.

Somebody get the ice.

Osi to be Traded?

It’s early, but ESPN has reported that the Giants have given Osi Umenyiora’s agent permission to work out a trade. Things just seem to be getting tougher for the Giants this offseason. If Ahmad Bradshaw signs anywhere else but with the Giants this offseason can officially be considered a bust for Jerry Reese. Don’t forget Reese has yet to sign first round draft pick Prince Amukamara.

The Giants season is shaping up to be a run of the mill 8-8 year. Reese focuses on the draft and to his credit he has drafted exceptionally; however with the Giants experiencing cap issues and not reeling in any free agents for the first time I’m questioning Reese’s ability. My honest opinion, I believe Osi is dealt and Bradshaw signs elsewhere its just the way this off-season is shaping up.

UPDATE: The Giants have signed Ahmad Bradshaw.

BREAKING NEWS…. For Real This Time : Beltran Traded to San Fran

Buster Olney has recently reported on Twitter that the Mets have agreed to trade Carlos Beltran  to the San Francisco Giants for top pitching prospect Zack Wheeler and cash. As a Mets fan I’m thrilled with this return, Wheeler has great stuff and potential to flourish in the spacious Citi Field. The only thing left to this deal is Beltran signing off we will keep you posted to the latest news regarding the trade.

BREAKING NEWS: Carlos Beltran traded to Jets

Mike Tannenbaum does it again. First the hefty Jets GM fulfilled his top priority in re-signing Santonio Holmes. Now hes gone and acquired Carlos Beltran from the Mets. While the Jets could not afford to trade a top prospect for Beltran the two teams have agreed in principle to a deal. The details of the trade have not yet been disclosed, I suspect the Jets have traded a valuable bag of magic beans to the Mets for the all-star right fielder. When asked about this rumor Beltran said ” As long as I do not have to DH”.  I was not shocked when hearing about this deal because this off-season the Jets have decided to acquire everyone available.

Beltran's athleticism has been compared to the late great Vernon Gholston

No M.B.A for the NBA

The National Basketball Association is currently in the early stages of a lockout. Why? Because a vast majority of the teams in the NBA hemorrhaged money last season. As usual I’ve decided to get the bottom of it using hard investigative reporting and fabricating profusely. Here are some contributing factors to how the NBA ended up in the red.

  • The NBA’s inaugural Brian Scalabrine appreciation night never really took off.
  • Isaiah Thomas
  • The existence of the WNBA
  • Eddy Curry’s contract (also is too soon to say Travis Outlaw’s contract?)
  • The Vancouver Grizzlies
  • Charles Barkley and Tim Donaghy Charity Poker Tournament
  • Isaiah Thomas
  • Marv Albert is currently being paid more than 3 quarters of the Charlotte Bobcats roster.
  • Studies have shown that 15 percent of NBA fans refuse to attend a game in which Blake Griffin doesn’t dunk.
  • The existence of divisions in the NBA. ( Not really a financial problem I just can’t stand reading a paper and seeing the words Atlantic Division and thinking what does that mean.)
  • The existence of the D- League. (See WNBA.)
  • Isaiah Thomas

No Way Jose, Jose, Jose

The New York Mets have been playing inspired baseball the last couple months under Terry Collins. The player most responsible for the season the Mets are having has been Jose Reyes. After trying to discuss an extension with Reyes, Mets general manager Sandy Alderson has created a list of possible ways for the Mets to re-sign the all-star shortstop. Lucky for you I’ve managed to obtain this list.

  • Alderson has hinted that Mets head trainer Ray Ramirez will be left alone in a room with Reyes. In my opinion this is a terrifying thought. If Ramirez gets his hands on Reyes I’d expect Jose to miss about 2 to 9 weeks.
  • Bernie Maddoff will negotiate Reyes’ contract this offseason.
  • Alderson has told Reyes to stop hitting the ball  hard many times this year and it hasn’t worked thus far. Alderson believes if he switches Reyes’ bat with Jason Bay’s bat his batting average will plummet.
  • The ghosts of Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo will haunt Reyes’ dreams infinitely.
  • Fred Wilpon has decided to spring for complimentary microfracture surgeries for the entire organization. Well It’s about time, now Reyes can finally fix his healthy knee.
  • The  Mets can do the unthinkable and give the MVP candidate the contract he deserves.
    Jose has no clue what the Mets organization will do to save some cash.