What Will the Jets Do in the Draft?

Who knows.


Patriots Sign Shaun Ellis

Can’t say I’m happy about this.  I really wanted Shaun back, but I do understand that it would have been a part-time role.  It probably wasn’t worth giving Ellis anything more than a minimum contract, but It’s a little disappointing to see him go to the Pats.

I don’t expect Ellis to record more than four sacks this season, but he’ll still be a pretty good player for New England.  He’s definitely on the decline, but it’s going to be a little tough seeing him on a different team, especially on a rival team.

It’s now time for Muhammad Wilkerson to step up.  I have no doubts that this guy can put up at least five sacks this season.  If he can get to the quarterback and help stop the run, Wilkerson could be the next Shaun Ellis for the Jets.

With Wilkerson, Kenrick Ellis, Ropati Pitoitua, Mike Devito, and of course Sione Pouha, the Jets will be fine on the defensive line.  I’ve also heard a lot of good things about Marcus Dixon, who has a shot to earn playing time in camp and in the preseason.

Losing Ellis is disappointing, but it was time to move on.

BREAKING NEWS: Prince Amukamara Breaks Foot, Surgery Needed

We’re not joking.

To make matters worse, Giants tight end Ben Patrick retired today and Osi Umenyiora is still unhappy about his contract.  Things are not looking good for the Giants.

Could this offseason go any worse for the G-Men?  With Bruce Johnson lost for the year, the Giants are now very shallow in the secondary.  Big Blue still has Corey Webster, Terrell Thomas, and Aaron Ross as their three feature cornerbacks, but Prince would have rounded out that group very nicely.

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Jets Sign Derrick Mason

According to multiple sources, the Jets have agreed to a deal with wide receiver Derrick Mason.  Mason confirmed the signing on Twitter.

Averaging 66 catches per season in his fourteen-year career, Mason is a great third receiver for the Jets.  Any way you spin it, he’s been a better player than Cotchery has been for the Jets.

Any way you spin it, Holmes-Burress-Mason-Kerley-Turner-McKnight is a really solid receiving corps.  I think Jeremy Kerley will surprise a lot of people this season.  I wouldn’t be shocked if he proved himself as a top-three receiver.

Jets fans now have little to worry about concerning their passing game, even with Jerricho Cotchery gone.

Yankees Win Game One in Boston, Now in First Place

A 3-2 win Friday night catapulted the Yankees into first place over the Red Sox.   Joe Girardi’s gutsy call to pull Bartolo Colon in the fifth inning worked, as Boone Logan struck out Adrian Gonzalez with the bases loaded.  The Yankees bullpen shut down the Red Sox, allowing the Bombers to rally and score three runs in the sixth inning.

The Yankees are now a game ahead of Boston, with an opportunity to stretch the lead to two games today.  The two superpowers will throw it down again at 4:15 today.  With CC Sabathia going against John Lackey, there’s no reason the Yankees can’t win again.

Dolphins Desperate for Relevancy

Jason Cole couldn’t have nailed it better.

If news of Miami Dolphins fans’ chants for Kyle Orton(notes) and the media running wild with rumors about Brett Favre(notes) didn’t make it clear that these are desperate times in Miami, here’s one tidbit that should seal the issue.

This week, Dolphins management hired a “third-party” company to chase down a couple of hundred season ticketholders who have failed to make payments on their high-end tickets. As Adam Grossman, the team’s vice president of public affairs, was clear to point out, this third party is not a collection agency. However, it’s only a step removed.

Getting away from the argument over whether it’s OK for a sports team to chase people down for ticket money, here’s the deeper issue: The Dolphins, who were once the undisputed kings of South Florida sports, are so desperate these days to sell tickets that they have to go after everyone they possibly can.

They have gone 7-9 each of the past two years with coach Tony Sparano’s close-to-the-vest play-calling and lack of offensive weapons. Dan Marino’s former team is playing plodder football. It’s dreary and lifeless, sapping the energy from fans faster than South Florida’s brutal August weather. That’s one of the reasons the Dolphins have had to put a nightclub at one end of the stadium and sell off shares of the team to the likes of Fergie and Marc Anthony. The product on the field is simply not good enough.

Hence the cheers for Orton earlier in camp (which have thankfully changed to pleas for Chad Henne(notes) to emerge from his two-year malaise) and the frenzy over Favre when Sparano declined to shoot it down directly on Thursday.

Perhaps that little bit of excitement will help drive interest in the meantime. Perhaps the NBA’s labor issues will allow the Dolphins some time to get fans excited this fall.

Either that, or the Dolphins may have to scare up interest some other way.

This perfectly sums up the Dolphins and their motives.  This franchise is clearly more focused on selling tickets than putting a winning product on the field.  The Dolphins are a pathetic franchise with a pathetic owner in Stephen Ross.

Guys like Bush, Barber, and Favre would all make a very little impact for the Dolphins this season.  Despite this, the franchise seems set on going after these high-profile guys instead of finding solid role players to help this team take the next level.  I’m thrilled that the Jets get to play this team two times a year.

It’s going to be fun sweeping these losers this season.  Barring a major move, I doubt the Dolphins win more than six games in 2011.  I may be wrong, but I doubt it.


Jets Training Camp News (August 5, 2011)

– Jerricho Cotchery has officially been released by the Jets.  Reports now say that it’s Cotchery that wanted to leave, not the other way around.  Jerricho apparently requested a trade or to be released back in February.

– Derrick Mason hasn’t been signed yet, which comes as a huge surprise.  If he doesn’t come here, the Jets need to find a third receiver.  Jeremy Kerley has potential, but he is just an unproven rookie as of now.

– The Patriots signed Mark Anderson today.  Hopefully this means Shaun Ellis will stay away from New England.  I will be very disappointed if the Jets let Ellis go.

– James Ihedigbo still hasn’t been signed.  With Brodney Pool returning, you have to wonder if the Jets will re-sign Ihedigbo.  He definitely still has a role on this team on special teams and as an occasional sub-in at safety.

– Former Giants tight end Kevin Boss signed with the Raiders today.  His four-year, $16 million deal was way too much for the Jets to offer.