See Ya Next Spring

It is not definite but several reports have stated that Johan Santana has been experiencing lingering shoulder pain and will be going to see a doctor. Just another classic Met injury. They build you up with progress and then tear you back down with a setback. I had a feeling this was too good to be true, this injury requires more time and I believe Santana was rushed or rushed himself.

I’m almost certain we will not see Johan this season and I wouldn’t be shocked for him to be out for part of next spring. Now this could be nothing; however this is a METS injury and will be much worse than it seems. The rotation is going to be a similar next year as it will be lacking a true ace. I’d start looking forward to the Wheeler/Harvey era sooner rather than later.

Somebody get the ice.


Yankees and Mets Involved in No Deadline Deals

I don’t blame the Mets for staying put, but I have no idea what Brian Cashman is doing.  Horrible job by him.  How could you make no moves to try to bolster your team, especially your pitching staff?

For a team that prides itself on being perennial World Series favorites, the Yankees sure have settled for mediocrity the past two seasons.  The Yankees haven’t made any big splashes since they acquired Curtis Granderson before last season.  After doing nothing in the offseason, you’d imagine the Yankees would try to acquire a big-name player now.

But I really can’t blame the team too much if there was nothing there.  I could understand why Cashman wouldn’t want to overpay for someone like Jimenez.  But not getting Cliff Lee clearly cost the Yankees a trip to the World Series last year.  Hopefully the lack of a big move doesn’t cripple the Bombers this season.

And to make matters worse, Erik Bedard is heading to the Red Sox.

BREAKING NEWS…. For Real This Time : Beltran Traded to San Fran

Buster Olney has recently reported on Twitter that the Mets have agreed to trade Carlos Beltran  to the San Francisco Giants for top pitching prospect Zack Wheeler and cash. As a Mets fan I’m thrilled with this return, Wheeler has great stuff and potential to flourish in the spacious Citi Field. The only thing left to this deal is Beltran signing off we will keep you posted to the latest news regarding the trade.

BREAKING NEWS: Carlos Beltran traded to Jets

Mike Tannenbaum does it again. First the hefty Jets GM fulfilled his top priority in re-signing Santonio Holmes. Now hes gone and acquired Carlos Beltran from the Mets. While the Jets could not afford to trade a top prospect for Beltran the two teams have agreed in principle to a deal. The details of the trade have not yet been disclosed, I suspect the Jets have traded a valuable bag of magic beans to the Mets for the all-star right fielder. When asked about this rumor Beltran said ” As long as I do not have to DH”.  I was not shocked when hearing about this deal because this off-season the Jets have decided to acquire everyone available.

Beltran's athleticism has been compared to the late great Vernon Gholston

Beltran Trade Tumors Heating Up!

As the trading deadline approaches, the rumors of Beltran being traded are becoming more and more of a reality. The two most talked about teams are the San Francisco Giants and Boston Red Sox. The Mets Management has made it quite clear that they will insist on a top prospect in return, so that remains to be seen if either the Giants or Red Sox are willing to part with any of their top prospects. Regardless, both teams have expressed a need for Beltran, although the Giants seem to me to be the lesser of the two; as their lead in the NL west has increased.  In my opinion, Beltran would most flourish with the Red Sox and that potent lineup that would be surrounding him.  The big question for the Mets and their fans is who would the Red Sox give up to get Beltran? Well, if the Red Sox surrender a top prospect, my guest it would be a pitching prospect. Below is a list of the Red Sox top 20 prospects and honorable mentions (courtesy of Tom Sickel from SB Nation)

1) Anthony Ranaudo, RHP, Grade B: Could rise a notch or two if he proves fully healthy in pro ball.

2) Drake Britton, LHP, Grade B: Could also rise a notch or two if he handles increased workload well.

3) Jose Iglesias, SS, Grade B: Won’t have much fantasy value, but in real baseball he will hold a job for a long time due to his glove and line drive hitting.

4) Josh Reddick, OF, Grade B-: Power potential remains, but plate discipline is a big issue.

5) Stolmy Pimentel, RHP, Grade B-: Projects as a solid number three starter for me.

6) Garin Cecchini, 3B, Grade B-: Grade could/should rise once we get some pro data to make sure he’s as good as the scouting reports.

7) Oscar Tejeda, 2B, Grade B-: I think the breakout is real.

8) Brandon Workman, RHP, Grade B-: Future workhorse starter.

9) Ryan Lavarnway, C, Grade B-: The power is legit, defense not great but not awful if he hits enough.

10) Kolbrin Vitek, 3B, Grade B-: Defense needs a lot of work, but I think the bat will be fine.

11) Chris Balcom-Miller, RHP, Grade B-: One of the best-kept secrets in the minor leagues and my pick for a big breakout in ’11.

12) Felix Doubront, LHP, Grade C+: Borderline B-, a useful lefty arm that can start or relieve.

13) Michael Bowden, RHP, Grade C+: Another flexible pitcher who can start or relieve and is ready now.

14) Will Middlebrooks, 3B, Grade C+: Glove is very strong, offense is gradually improving but plate discipline will be tested in Double-A.

15) Yamaico Navarro, INF, Grade C+: Looks like he can be a fine backup infielder to me right now with a chance to still develop beyond that.

16) Luis Exposito, C, Grade C+: Should reach the majors later this year. No outstanding attributes, but a catcher with some power will stick around awhile.

17) Lars Anderson, 1B, Grade C+: Blocked now, will go back to Pawtucket, see if he can get hot enough to interest someone in a trade. Disappointing, but could still develop into useful platoon bat.

18) Kyle Weiland, RHP, Grade C+: Strike-throwing inning-eater type.

19) Sean Coyle, 2B, Grade C+: Interesting high school bat from ’10 class.

20) Henry Ramos, OF, Grade C+: Another sleeper prospect, ’10 draft pick from Puerto Rico looked great in rookie ball.

OTHERS OF NOTE: Xander Bogaerts, SS; Bryce Brentz, OF; Keury De La Cruz, OF; Tim Federowicz, C; Alex Hassan, OF; Jeremy Hazelbaker, OF; Chris Hernandez, LHP; Pete Hissey, OF; Brandon Jacobs, OF; Che-Hsuan Lin, OF; Juan Carlos Linares, OF; Kendrick Perkins, OF; Mathew Price, RHP; Jason Rice, RHP; Manuel Rivera, LHP; Pete Ruiz, RHP; Kendal Volz, RHP; Alex Wilson, RHP; Madison Younginer, RHP.

I believe if the Mets and Red Sox make this deal. the Red Sox would offer a top prospect ( in the top 10) and another PTBNL not in the top 15. With the deadline ending by July 31, the Mets will be fielding many calls from teams looking to improve their teams for the playoff run. Other teams that could have interest are the Texas Rangers, Cleveland Indians, Chicago White Sox and maybe the Philadelphia Phillies. Although I don’t very much the Mets would want to improve the Phillies team and chances to go to the World Series.  Nonetheless, the next 2 weeks will be interesting and there will be many reports/rumors of Beltran going to one team or another.

Carlos Beltran

More on the K-Rod Trade to the Brewers

The recent trade between the Mets and the Brewers involving K-Rod came as a slight surprise. Many expected the Mets to be looking for a trading partner for K-Rod, but I doubt many felt it would have been the Brewers. Regardless, the deal is done and the Mets can finally exhale knowing that they are not responsible for Krods $17.5 mil option in 2012. In return, the Mets will receive 2 PTBNL and the Brewers will also receive cash as well. This move should pave the way for the Mets to aggressively pursue Reyes once he becomes a free agent this summer.

With Krod’s $17.5 now off the payroll for 2012, along with Perez ($12 mil), Castillo ($6 mil) and most likely Beltran ($18.5 mil). The Mets are clearing  $54 mil alone with those four players. Alderson has been stated that he intends to sign Reyes to a long-term deal (years and dollar amount was not disclosed). The trading of K-Rod was a huge step for the Mets franchise, regardless of who the 2 PTBNL are. Just having more leverage to pursue and hopefully sign Jose Reyes to a long-term deal and to keep him in a Mets uniform into his prime years is monumental.

Getting back to the K-Rod deal, below is a list (by John Sickels of SB Nation) of the Brewers top 20 prospects currently in their system, along with honorable mention players. I don’t expect to see the Mets acquire any prospect in the Brewers top 10 list, but I expect the deal to be similar to the one the Mets did with Boston, in the Wagner trade.

1) Mark Rogers, RHP, Grade B-: Borderline B. Love the stuff, but command concerns keep me cautious with the grade.

2) Cody Scarpetta, RHP, Grade B-: Borderline B. Personal favorite for a couple of years, like Rogers I worry about his command but like his stuff.

3) Kentrail Davis, OF, Grade B-: Good tools, hits for average, I think he’ll get on base. But what about power?

4) Amaury Rivas, RHP, Grade B-: Solid across the board, looks like a fourth starter to me.

5) Kyle Heckathorn, RHP, Grade B-: Huge ground ball specialist, another future fourth starter?

6) Wily Peralta, RHP, Grade B-: Another arm with solid stuff, though I don’t like the dropping strikeout rate and deterioration in K/BB in Double-A.

7) Scooter Gennett, 2B, Grade B-: A very good hitter, needs to polish defense but could make a lot of noise in ’11. Keep close track of him.

8) Jimmy Nelson, RHP, Grade C+: Starter or reliever? Fits into Brewers profile as a fourth starter type with decent but not exceptional stuff.

9) Caleb Gindl, OF, Grade C+: I think he’s better than he looked in Double-A, but still more of a future role player than heavy duty regular.

10) Eric Komatsu, OF, Grade C+: Like Gindl, can be a good role player but unless he turns the power up he will be stretched to start.

11) Tyler Thornburg, RHP, Grade C+: Very good stuff, could move quickly if used in bullpen.

12) Hunter Morris, 1B, Grade C: Plenty of power potential, but something makes me wonder if he’ll fully live up to expectations. I might be underrating him.

13) D’Vontrey Richardson, OF, Grade C: Outstanding tools, extremely raw. Can he refine them?

14) Tyler Roberts, C, Grade C: Strong power potential, needs a lot of defensive polish.

15) Eric Farris, 2B, Grade C: Forgotten man after injury season, but he can steal bases and has a good glove.

16) Khris Davis, OF, Grade C: Good power production in the Midwest League, but a bit old for the level. Grade will rise if he hits in Double-A. . .might be able to pull a Jerry Sands.

17) Logan Schafer, OF, Grade C: Should be a good fourth outfielder if he gets healthy.

18) Dan Merklinger, LHP, Grade C: Doesn’t have blazing stuff, but good stats, protected on 40-man roster. Maybe a fifth starter.

19) Mike Fiers, RHP, Grade C: Older prospect at 25, fastball is average, but really knows how to pitch.

20) Robert Hinton, RHP, Grade C: Good fastball/slider combo could help in pen this year.

OTHERS OF NOTE: Eric Arnett, RHP; Nick Bucci, RHP; Chris Dennis, 1B-OF; Cutter Dykstra, 3B; Pat Egan, RHP; Taylor Green, 3B; Cody Hawn, 1B; Brandon Kintzler, RHP; Maverick Lasker, RHP; Matt Miller, RHP; Joel Pierce, RHP; Austin Ross, RHP; Jesus Sanchez, RHP; Zelous Wheeler, SS.


Jose Reyes

Mets Trade K-Rod to the Brewers

Jon Heyman tweeted just moments ago that the Mets have traded Francisco Rodriguez to the Brewers.  The Mets were known to be interested in moving Rodriguez in part because of his 2012 vesting option worth 17.5 million. The option vests if Rodriguez finishes 55 games.

Update: MLB Trade Rumors is reporting that the Brewers and Mets have both confirmed the deal. The Mets will receive  two players to be named later in exchange for K-Rod and cash.