Fix the Knicks

These are the times where you have to seriously worry about Jim Dolan’s mental stability.

The song is horrible, but it would at least be sort of funny if the Knicks weren’t such an incompetent franchise.  The franchise’s mediocrity last decade is largely because of Dolan himself.  From Isiah Thomas to failing to lure Lebron to New York, Dolan has done a terrible job with the Knicks.

It’s sad that Dolan finds it comical, because it isn’t at all.  I know he doesn’t care about the team, but there are a lot of passionate fans that do.  If Dolan only put as much passion into the Knicks and Rangers as he does with his music, Madison Square Garden would once again be the home of champions.


Seth Meyers Rips Nets at ESPYs

Seth Meyers took a shot last night at the Nets at the ESPYs.  Nets fans are already complaining about the joke, and rightfully so.  Meyers claimed that Kim Kardashian is marrying Kris Humphries because she’s tired of dating professional athletes, inferring that the Nets are some sort of pathetic franchise that has been irrelevant forever.  Either Meyers started watching basketball in 2007, or he was completely ignoring reality.

For those wondering, Meyers is a Red Sox, Celtics, and Steelers fan.  Talk about not knowing how to lose.  That alone deprives him the right to make any joke about any team.  The worst fans in the world are those who bandwagon teams and then proceed to make fun of inferior teams.

Anyway, the Nets have made the playoffs six out of the last ten years, something the majority of the league hasn’t done.  They’ve also won nine playoff series last decade, something any team would sign up for.  I don’t get Meyers’ joke about the ESPYS “not having any Nets for the past 15 years.”  That makes no sense because they’ve been an extremely relevant franchise over that time period.

Meyers’ Celtics haven’t even been that better of a franchise than the Nets have been over the past two decades.  Since 1991, the Celtics have made the playoffs 10 times.  The Nets have made it 9 times.  In head-to-head playoff matchups, the Nets are 2-0 against the Celtics.  The Nets were 8-2 in the games in those two series.  Sure, the Celtics won it all in 2008, but they’ve only been to the Finals a total of two times since 1987.  The Nets have also been to the Finals two times in that time period.

It’s time for all Nets jokes to stop.  The Nets franchise was very successful over the last decade, and they have a very bright future ahead.  Next year, the Nets may have the best arena in all of professional sports.  Not only that, but they have one superstar in place and could be adding another very shortly.

Seth Meyers needs a history lesson on the Nets.

Rome Wasn’t Built in One Day

Are the Knicks Interested in Kwame Brown?

We’re a long way from the end of the lockout, but the rumors keep flooding in.

There’s no question the Knicks need help in the middle … but is unrestricted free agent Kwame Brown the answer? Last week, a New York Post report surfaced that the team was interested in offering a one-year deal to a FA center, including the ex-Bobcat.

Although Brown finished this past season above average, averaging 12.4 points and 7.3 rebounds in his last 12 games, his overall 2010-11 campaign and most of his 10-year career have been average; not to mention, inconsistent. In 2003-04, he averaged 10.9 points per game, but the following season he dropped to 7.0 ppg and then his minutes sunk below 20 minutes per game — until only last season. Averaging 26 minutes per game, he put up 7.9 ppg, 6.8 rpg and 0.6 bpg, while shooting 51.7 percent from the field and 58.9 percent from the line.

If Brown arrives in the Big Apple, don’t expect a big upgrade over last season’s usual starting center Ronny Turiaf, according to Basketball Prospectus’ SCHOENE projection system. If Brown plays Turiaf’s identical minutes from last season (17.8 mpg), he will average 4.3 points, 5.1 rebounds and 0.7 blocks per game in 2011-12 with the Knicks. Compared to Turiaf, who averaged 4.3 ppg, 3.2 rpg and 1.1 bpg in 2010-11, Brown’s numbers would be a downgrade in terms of shot blocking, but not in terms of rebounding. The scoring averages are a wash, but Turiaf shot 64. percent last year and the projection only shows Brown shooting 52.5 percent from the field next season.

I highly doubt Brown is the answer to the Knicks’ hole at center, but a one-year deal wouldn’t hurt anyone.  He would be a good guy for depth, but he’s really nothing but another Ronny Turiaf.  There’s nothing wrong with players like Turiaf, but the Knicks need a little more out of the starting center spot.

Is Kwame Brown the answer?

Daily Briefing: July 7, 2011 (Nets Edition)

With the media spending so much attention the Knicks recently, it seems as if the Nets have been forgotten.  But with a new arena coming in 2012 and rumors of Dwight Howard wanting to leave Orlando, the Nets certainly have a very bright future.  With Deron Williams likely to re-sign with the team, the Nets are going to be major players in free agency during the next few years.  Although they have a few bad contracts, the team still has plenty of cap flexibility.  Combine that with an owner willing to do anything to win, and you could have a special team in Brooklyn in the near future.

– Earlier today Deron Williams made news by apparently signing with a Turkish team.  D-Will would obviously only play with this team if the lockout dragged onto into the NBA season, but it’s significant news nonetheless.

– These types of moves are important because they put pressure on the owners to get a deal done.  No one wants to see their star player get hurt playing overseas.

– The Nets apparently prefer re-signing Kris Humphries rather than signing Nene.  It’s hard to argue with that logic.  Humphries will likely cost less and already has a year under Avery Johnson.  Him and Brook Lopez are a very potent frontcourt duo.  There’s no reason to break that up to bring in a guy who is more of a center than a power forward.

– Speaking of the center position, there will be a battle for minutes there.  Brook Lopez is obviously the starter, but who will get the remaining minutes?  After a disappointing first season in New Jersey, Johan Petro is on the hot seat.  The Nets probably won’t be able to move his contract, but it’s worth a shot.  He only has two-years and a little more than $6 million left on his deal.  It’s not exactly an albatross contract, but I believe Petro is one of the worst players in the league.  The signing (along with the Outlaw’s ridiculous deal) continues to baffle me to this day.

– With all of that said, Jordan Williams should be able to compete for backup minutes at center.  He’s a rebounding machine that could serve as a solid role player for the Nets in the upcoming season.  It’s not going to take much to be better than Petro.

– As I mentioned before, Travis Outlaw’s contract is ridiculous.  He’s not a terrible player, but he’s not worth anywhere near $7 million per year for the next four years.  The Nets have to ship him to another team if they want to be able to make a huge impact in free agency the next few years.  They’ll have enough money for Dwight Howard regardless, but Outlaw may prevent the Nets from adding another piece to the championship puzzle.

– So where else do the Nets look for free agency help?  I say the Nets should look to acquire quality players at the wing positions.  Shooting guard and small forward are two major positions of concern for the Nets.  Even with Marshon Brooks, the Nets don’t have enough firepower at two-guard.  Billy King has to bring Sasha Vujacic back and then look for even another scorer.

– As for the three, Travis Outlaw and Damion James just aren’t enough.  Outlaw showed this year that he is simply a mediocre player who could fit in somewhere off the bench.  He’s not a starter in this league.  As for James, he can be a good player, but he’s proved nothing yet after an injury-filled 2010-2011.

It’s great to have an all-star point guard, but there’s no point in having him if he has no one to pass to.  The Nets have to explore improving every area of their team during this offseason.  With the right pieces, this team could definitely make a push for the playoffs.

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The new arena is coming, but there's a season for the Nets to play first.

Dwight Howard Won’t Play for L.A.?

We have a long time until we see any basketball again, but the Dwight Howard watch is still on.  The speculation for months has been that Dwight either wants to go to the Lakers or Nets.  While I wouldn’t get to excited yet, maybe we can begin to speculate that Howard doesn’t want to be a Laker.  After digging through his Twitter account, we have found a rather odd tweet.

Very interesting.

In other news, ESPN claims the Nets are going to make a hard push for Dwight.

The Nets, sources said, intend to make a hard push for Howard in an attempt to convince Williams to commit long term.

It’s not time to get excited yet Nets fans, but there’s a good chance Superman will be a Net within the next two seasons.

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No M.B.A for the NBA

The National Basketball Association is currently in the early stages of a lockout. Why? Because a vast majority of the teams in the NBA hemorrhaged money last season. As usual I’ve decided to get the bottom of it using hard investigative reporting and fabricating profusely. Here are some contributing factors to how the NBA ended up in the red.

  • The NBA’s inaugural Brian Scalabrine appreciation night never really took off.
  • Isaiah Thomas
  • The existence of the WNBA
  • Eddy Curry’s contract (also is too soon to say Travis Outlaw’s contract?)
  • The Vancouver Grizzlies
  • Charles Barkley and Tim Donaghy Charity Poker Tournament
  • Isaiah Thomas
  • Marv Albert is currently being paid more than 3 quarters of the Charlotte Bobcats roster.
  • Studies have shown that 15 percent of NBA fans refuse to attend a game in which Blake Griffin doesn’t dunk.
  • The existence of divisions in the NBA. ( Not really a financial problem I just can’t stand reading a paper and seeing the words Atlantic Division and thinking what does that mean.)
  • The existence of the D- League. (See WNBA.)
  • Isaiah Thomas