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3 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Justin says:

    Your site fucking rocks

  2. jason winks says:

    how the knicks can get a third superstar:

    if the knicks think they can get d.howard or d.williams or c.paul they are absloutely dreaming

    the only way they can get another star is by trading and that means giving their expiring contracts for a star and a bad contract to even up the deal

    1 idea is:

    c.billups 14.2 exp, r.balkman 1.7 exp, r.turiaf 4.3 exp and l.fields .8m (exp) to the hawks

    j.johnson 18.0m and m.williams 7.5m to the knicks

    the knicks get a genuine 3rd star but the price of this is taking on the contract of m.williams and the hawks get expirings to rid themselves of the very good but overpaid j.johnson and overpaid and underperforming m.williams

    it is a win-win for both teams imo

    j.johnson/c.anthony/a.stoudemire VS d.wade/l.james/c.bosh

  3. Nick Q. says:

    I think I speak for most Knicks fans in saying that we want no part of Joe Johnson. Aside from playing under Mike D’Antoni, there is literally no reason to go after him and his contract. I wouldn’t even call him a star. He’s just a really good player who was overpaid last offseason. His number were awful last year, and because he’s already 30 he will start to decline soon if he hasn’t already.

    I believe D-Will will stay with the Nets, but there is no reason the Knicks can’t get Chris Paul. There’s no better place for him to be, and all signs point to him being very interested in coming here.

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