Howard Trade Likely

According to Real GM the Orlando Magic will most likely look to deal Dwight Howard this off-season.  It is reported that Howard would prefer to be traded to either the Lakers or the Nets.

This really could be the next step for the Nets.  A tag-team of Dwight Howard and Deron Williams easily trumps the tag-team of the cross town rival New York Knicks.  If the Nets move into Brooklyn with Howard and Williams they could find themselves in a good position to complete owner Mikhail Prokhorov’s goal of turning Knicks fans into Nets fans.

The Nets would obviously have to give up a lot in order to land Howard in a trade from the Magic. The Magic would most likely ask for a deal centered around Brook Lopez.  Brook Lopez isn’t half the player (1/3 of the rebounder) that Dwight Howard is.

Things are starting to look up for the Nets.  The acquisition of Deron Williams, a late season playoff push, and now the possibility of landing Dwight Howard has the Nets’ future looking pretty.

Could Dwight Howard be headed to New Jersey next year and to Brooklyn in 2012?


Lopez Giving Up?

New Jersey Nets center Brook Lopez scored 27 points tonight in the Nets loss to the visiting Knicks, but that is not all. Lopez managed to gather 2 hard fought rebounds. After the game Brook said ” Rebounding is stupid.” Lopez also stated ” If Kris Humphries isn’t playing Coach Johnson just tells us to let the ball bounce until it goes out of bounds.” There have been rumors circling about Brook switching places with his twin brother Robin at halftime to bolster his rebounding numbers. When asked about this Brook replied ” Anybody know when we’re going to Brooklyn?”

Has there ever been a bigger caveman?

David West Brooklyn Bound?

According to Nets Daily, David West would have no problem taking his talents to Newark for a year, and then Brooklyn.

The 30-year-old West is averaging 18.8 and 7.5 this year and will be an unrestricted free agent come July.  He knows what he wants, to play “where I’ll have the best opportunity to win” and understands that the Nets are trying to become that team adding, the franchise “obviously, is a lot more interesting than they were.” As for the move across the river, West notes his time in the borough, and points out, “Brooklyn’s okay.”

West would fill a huge hole at PF for the next few seasons for the Nets.  Him, Lopez, and D-Will would be the three big pieces to build upon.  West is 30, but I see no reason why he can’t be serviceable for least a few more seasons.

Watch D-Will Tonight at 8:30

D-Will makes his Nets debut tonight agaisnt the Spurs

I Was Wrong About the Nets

Original article

Back in August, I foolishly predicted the Nets would make the playoffs.  I honestly thought they’d be a very good team that could compete for a lower seed in the playoffs.  I figured adding Avery Johnson was about a five win bonus, a healthy Harris would light the league up, and Derrick Favors was the next superstar.  I was completely wrong, as even Brook Lopez has struggled this season.  Here’s what I had to say:

The Nets are my pick to play the role of the dark horse for this year’s NBA seasons. Many people say the Nets did not improve in the offseason, but that is a complete fallacy. The bottom line is that the Nets didn’t have to acquire a max free agent to get better. Their youth and potential already makes them a better team. Under a new head coach in Avery Johnson, this team could grow into a playoff contender. Acquiring role players such as Travis Outlaw, Troy Murphy, Johan Petro, Anthony Morrow, and Quinton Ross can’t hurt either. Combine that with a great draft, and you have a real solid offseason.

While the team did get better, they completely struck out in free agency.  The only real good player out of the five I mentioned above is Anthony Morrow.  I also wouldn’t call their draft great, it was average at best.  Favors still has the potential to be a star, but Damion James has yet to contribute because of injuries.

PG: Devin Harris/Jordan Farmar/Ben Uzoh

I got this right, but it was obvious at the time.

SG: Terrence Williams/Anthony Morrow/Quinton Ross

Terrence Williams was traded in an extremely lopsided trade in the Nets’ favor.  Somehow Stephen Graham has been starting, but who the hell knows what is going through Avery Johnson’s mind.

SF: Travis Outlaw/Damion James/Quinton Ross

Would be about right if Damion James was healthy, but Outlaw could move back to the bench sooner than later.

PF: Troy Murphy/Derrick Favors/Kris Humphries/Sean May

May didn’t make the team and Murphy hasn’t played in a long time.  Humphries is now the starter and Favors gets backup minutes.

C: Brook Lopez/Johan Petro/Brian Zoubek

Correct, but Zoubek didn’t make the team.

That certainly is not a bad squad. Make no mistake about it, Devin Harris and Brook Lopez are young stars. Lopez may be the most coveted young center in the league. If Derrick Favors can develop into the next Chris Bosh, the Nets will have a tantalizing front court duo. For now, Troy Murphy will do.

The squad is pretty bad and Troy Murphy has been a disaster.

But what about the corner positions? I truly believe Terrence Williams is ready to start opening night and contribute. Williams has the potential to be a really special player in the NBA. If he can build on his second half from last season, he should be exciting to watch. And to back him up, Anthony Morrow may be the NBA’s greatest three-point shooter of all-time. Yes, you heard me right. After nine more attempts, Morrow will qualify to lead the league in all-time three-point percentage.

Terrence Williams found himself in the D-League at one point.  Morrow is turning out to be a solid player,  however.

Small forward is a bit of concern, but Travis Outlaw is still a solid player. I was a huge critic of the deal he received, but there is no doubt that this kid can ball. He takes too many stupid three-pointers, but hopefully he becomes a smarter player under Avery Johnson. Talking to a few Clippers fans, I have heard that Outlaw takes ridiculous fadeaway three-pointers that will make you shut off the game. Hopefully they are just over exaggerating.

Outlaw is anything but solid, the Clipper fans were dead on.

What will be the biggest difference between the 2009-2010 and the 2010-2011 Nets? Leadership. Avery Johnson is a real head coach. He will give the Nets something to fight for every night. I truly can see Brook Lopez and Devin Harris stepping up as locker room leaders as well. For a young team, leadership and chemistry are important issues. I believe this team will have both.

Pretty much every Net fan hates Johnson right now.  That could change if the team gets better, but who knows when that will be.

Melo Trade Talks Heating Up

D.J. Augustine has now been removed from trade talks, leaving the Nets without a point guard if they proposed Carmelo Anthony deal goes through.  However, Nuggets guard Arron Affalo has been added to the trade talks.  Affalo would give the Nets depth at shooting guard, and would allow Terrence Williams to spend more minutes at point guard if needed. 

We don’t know at this point what is holding up the deal.  The Nuggets could want more, the Nets could want another player back, or Carmelo could still be having doubts about joining the Nets.  Whatever the case is, all sides hope to finish the deal by Monday. 

If you are a Nets fan, you have to be optimistic right now.  You are potentially one day away from adding a top-five NBA player who would be the face of the franchise heading into Brooklyn.  Not only that, Melo would attract other free agents to come here.  It’s way too early to talk about this, but the Nets would have cap room in 2012 to go after Chris Paul.  A Paul/Melo/Lopez core is something you can build a championship out of.

Carmelo Brooklyn Bound?

Nets Now Frontrunners for Carmelo

Once again, Real GM and ESPN are claiming they have sources that know all things involving Carmelo Anthony.  Late last night, ESPN reported that the Nuggets are listening to trade offers from multiple teams.  The favorites?  The Nets.  Who would have guessed?

I think it is safe to rule the Bulls out at this point.  The Nuggets won’t want to take on Luol Deng’s contract.  The Nets and Knicks are both very good possibilities, but I personally can’t see a deal getting done until February.  The Nuggets won’t lower their demands, and I don’t see them giving  in until the trade deadline. 

While Carmelo wouldn’t make the Knicks or Nets immediate contenders, he would be a real solid piece going forward.  Before either team pulls the trigger on a trade, they have to be confident that Melo will sign a long-term extension.  You can’t give up a whole lot for him and then see him leave next offseason. 

Let’s look at each team’s lineup with Carmelo added in.  Obviously, each team would have to give up pieces to trade for him.  Let’s say the Nets give up T-Will and Favors, while the Knicks give up Gallinari and Chandler.



That’s certainly not a bad lineup for either team.

UPDATE: NBC Sports is now reporting that the Nets are in the drivers seat for Carmelo.