Dolan & Prokhorov to Meet With Melo

NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — The Knicks vs. Nets Tri-State rivalry is about to go coastal.

According to the Daily News, both Knicks owner James Dolan and Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov are set to meet with Carmelo Anthony during All-Star weekend in Los Angeles.

“Anthony’s representatives are responsible for setting up individual meetings with the owners of the metropolitan area’s two basketball clubs,” reported the Daily News. “The clandestine meetings with Anthony will likely take place either Friday or Saturday.”

If this is true, Melo will be a Net.  I have no faith in Dolan.  He’s already screwed up the Lebron meeting according to some sources.  However, Jim could erase 10 years of suffering in one meeting.  This should be very interesting.

UPDATE:  We have now learned that Dolan already met with Melo on Thursday.

Knick fans, this is your only hope to land Melo.


Quick Hits: 2/17/11

All articles from Real GM:

The Nuggets have asked for all of the Knicks’ best young prospects in a deal for Carmelo Anthony.

Denver is demanding Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, Landry Fields, Raymond Felton, Timofey Mozgov and a first-round pick (obtained by trading Anthony Randolph) in exchange for Anthony and Chauncey Billups.

“They want everything,” a league source said. “The Knicks didn’t even have to sit down and talk about that offer. It’s not even logistically possible. They’d have two miserable stars with nothing around them.”

“Maybe they [the Nuggets] just don’t want to do it,” the source said. “Didn’t they do that with the Nets? When you keep asking for more until you say no, maybe you don’t want to do it. Maybe they want to go to the playoffs with Anthony and call [Anthony’s] bluff on June 30th.”

The Nuggets aren’t getting this, so they can just lose Melo for nothing if they wish to at the end of the season.

The Blazers and Nets are in discussions about an exchanged centered around Andre Miller for Devin Harris.

Travis Outlaw and Anthony Morrow have been discussed as possible players going to Portland, while Rudy Fernandez and Joel Przybilla could be moved to New Jersey.

Portland’s interest in Harris dates back to when he played for Dallas.

I think this would be a good trade for the Nets.  Harris isn’t the PG of the future, and getting rid of Outlaw would be huge.

Reports have surfaced that the Nuggets and Nets are talking again about a trade to send Carmelo Anthony to New Jersey.

But a source with knowledge of the situation tells Alan Hahn of Newsday that the Nets reemergence is not genuine.

“The Nets are out,” the source said.

Hahn writes that the Knicks are not confident that Denver actually knows what it wants from a deal for Anthony and offers his opinion that it is “amateur hour” in the Nuggets’ front office.

They’re done, we’ve known this for weeks.  The Nets won’t be getting Melo.  If they were going to get a deal done, it would have been done months ago.

Breaking News: Nets Re-Enter Melo Talks

Ready for a twist?  The Nets are back in the Carmelo Anthony trade discussions according to Adrian Wojnarowski and Al Iannazzone.  As more details break, we’ll get them to you as fast as we can.  Here is Woj’s latest article on the situation.  Remember to follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates.

UPDATE: Al Iannazzone was just on the YES Network.  He said he wouldn’t be surprised if both parties sat down over the weekend if things get close.  He also believes, to no one’s surprise, that Troy Murphy will be moved.  He expects the Nets to be very active at the deadline, possibly moving some of their draft picks.

Melo Wants Out?

From ESPN Insider

The Knicks may have turned down the Nuggets’ trade proposal. However, The Denver Post reports the two teams will continue the Carmelo Anthony discussions over All-Star weekend.

The Nuggets are considering keeping Anthony in hopes that he’ll sign the $65 million extension due the uncertainty of the next collective bargaining agreement. However, the locker room is not good right now, according to Yahoo! Sports, and a deal needs to be done by next Thursday.

“With the way he’s distanced himself from the team, the organization, they’re kidding themselves if they think he’s signing a new deal,” said one league official. “He hasn’t checked out on the season because he never checked in.”

Sources also tell the website that George Karl, who is negotiating a new contract, is tired of the “Melodrama” and is OK being the head coach of a team that is rebuilding.

— Nick Borges

I think a deal will get done by Monday.  It’s inevitable, Melo will be a Knick.  The only question is when the trade will get done and how much the Knicks will have to give up.

Melo Slot Machine

Possibly the single greatest thing to ever come out of ESPN.

Carmelo Anthony Slot Machine

Earl Barron to Make His Return?

Via ESPN Insider

The New York Knicks currently have a full 15-man roster. However, they will have an open spot in the next 10 days from making a trade, or waiving Eddy Curry or Kelenna Azubuike.

The Knicks desperately need help at center and the New York Post reports Earl Barron is the target of president Donnie Walsh.

Barron began the season with Phoenix, but was waived on Dec. 22. He played well for the Knicks at the end of last season, but the center was renounced in July to help give the team the most possible cap room.

Head coach Mike D’Antoni likes Barron for his offensive system and that he’s good in the locker room. Barron’s addition would allow the Knicks to not rush rookie Timofey Mozgov and give D’Antoni another option at center during the playoffs.

The newspaper reports the Nets have also contacted Barron.

This is huge news.  I can see Barron being that missing piece the Knicks need to win a championship.  He is also a great plan B for the Nets if they have a lackluster trade deadline.  We all know the Nets desperately need another coveted center like Barron.  In seven games for the Knicks last season, Earl had 11.7 PPG in 33:06 MPG.

Could this man save the Knicks' season?

Knicks Turned Down Carmelo Deal Monday Night

From Real GM

Carmelo Anthony could have become a member of the Knicks on Monday night.

New York president Donnie Walsh turned down an offer from Denver that one team official classified as “steep.”

According to a team source, “there is a deal to be made” but the most recent machination wasn’t to Walsh’s liking.

The Nuggets offered Anthony and Chauncey Billups to the Knicks for Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton, Eddy Curry and at least one first-round pick.

Original article from the New York Daily News

Wow… let’s see how this plays out.  Good move by the Knicks not giving up Felton.