Celtics-Heat Talking Points

– Pierce, Allen, and Garnett are declining. I think Boston’s run is over. Miami/Chicago/New York will run the East for the next 5-10 years while the West will be wide open.  The Nets getting Howard would change everything, which I think they very might well do.

– Losing Perkins was huge.  It was a really dumb trade.

– Rondo is a great point guard, and the Celtics should still be good for a while. Just not title material.

– LOL at “Heat fans” in the arena who have probably never watched basketball before.

– LOL at Lebron crying after winning, as if he really accomplished something by winning a second round series. Didn’t these clowns crown themselves champions in July?

– Chicago will beat Miami. They are much better suited to play them.

Get your popcorn ready.


NBA Power Rankings: July 28, 2010

Based on this year’s offseason and last year’s performace, I have ranked all thirty NBA teams.    When the NBA season begins, I will be doing weekly power rankings.   Feel free to leave a comment and list your own rankings. 

1) Los Angeles Lakers
2) Miami Heat
3) Orlando Magic
4) Boston Celtics
5) Dallas Mavericks
6) Chicago Bulls
7) Atlanta Hawks
8 ) Utah Jazz
9) San Antonio Spurs
10) Denver Nuggets
11) Portland Trailblaizers
12) Oklahoma City Thunder
13) Milwaukee Bucks
14) New York Knicks
15) Charlotte Bobcats
16) Phoenix Suns
17) Houston Rockets
18) Memphis Grizzlies
19) New Orleans Hornets
20) New Jersey Nets
21) Cleveland Cavaliers
22) Philadelphia 76ers
23) Washington Wizards
24) Indiana Pacers
25) Toronto Raptors
26) Los Angeles Clippers
27) Detroit Pistons
28) Golden State Warriors
29) Sacramento Kings
30) Minnesota Timberwolves

I really do see the Knicks as a top 15 team this year.  They should make the playoffs.  As far as the Nets go, they have a tough hill to climb.  I may have given them too much credit here, but I wouldn’t underestimate their young talent.  If Avery Johnson can inspire this team, they can go places.