Arguing With Idiots X: Idiocy Has Taken Over

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I have heard nothing but verbal diarrhea over the last few days.  The Knicks and Nets each land one of the biggest names in the league, yet no one seems to be happy.  Instead of being happy about landing Carmelo, Knick fans have been irritated at losing players such as Timofey Mozgov.  Instead of being thrilled about landing Deron Williams, I have yet to hear one Net fan say anything positive about the trade.  Well, I haven’t talked to many Net fans since they barely exist, but that’s beyond the point.

Let’s start with Melo.

The Knicks easily could have gotten Melo in the offseason.  WHY GIVE UP YOUR WHOLE TEAM FOR AN EXTRA TWO MONTHS OF MELO!!!!!!!!!111

Calm down, no need to yell.  Melo would have likely went to the Nets if he didn’t get traded to the Knicks. He would have risked losing a lot of money by not signing an extension before the new CBA.  Also, there is no guarantee the Knicks would have been able to sign him in July.  A franchise tag in the new CBA could have stopped it.  Even if the Knicks would have signed him in the offseason, Melo would have likely demanded a sign-and-trade, making the Knicks give up a draft pick or two anyway.


You wouldn’t have known who Mozgov was if D’Antoni didn’t put him in the rotation in the last few weeks.  The Knicks have actually played better without him.  There won’t be a problem replacing his 4 PPG and 2 RPG.

Gallo and Chandler are huge losses.

That they are.  But sometimes you have to give something up to get something.  In this case, the reward was too big to turn down.

Gallinari plays the same position as Melo, so he would have just been a 6th man.  Chandler was a valuable piece, but he was an RFA at the end of the season.  Holding on to him could have complicated the Knicks’ cap situation in the upcoming years.

Billups is a downgrade from Raymond Felton.

Maybe, but Felton was never the long-term plan at the point.  Billups is a a solid veteran who can shoot the ball and mentor other players.  He may be able to turn Toney Douglas into a great point guard.  I still think Chauncey is the best player in the trade behind Carmelo.

Onto Deron.

Deron Williams isn’t as good as Chris Paul.

Arguable, but who cares?  Deron is still an elite point guard who is definitely top-five in the league.  Williams, being a superstar, can also attract big names like Dwight Howard to New Jersey/Brooklyn in future seasons.

Why would you give up Favors?

Favors could have taken years to figure out.  Developing him into the next star PF would have taken a lot of time with no guarentee for success.  The Nets can find a franchise power forward soon, I am confident of it.

Two first rounders is too much.

It could be, but would either of those picks turn out to be as good as Deron?  The Nets clearly got the best player in this deal.  This is a superstar’s league.  If you don’t have at least one, you aren’t going anywhere.  The Nets needed one, and they got one.

There’s no guarantee he will re-sign in 2012 when his deal is up.

He is eligible to re-sign in July of this year, and I think he will.  It would be smart of him to get a contract extension before the new CBA.  What other places will have the cap flexibility and marketing opportunities that the Brooklyn Nets will have in 2012?  He could go to the Knicks, but I think they will set their sights on CP3.

In the end, both the Melo and Williams deals were great for the Knicks and Nets.  The Melo deal finally brought true Knicks basketball back to New York City.  The Deron deal helped the Nets acquire the star they’ve been longing for since their glory days.


Nets Get Williams

According to multiple sources, the Nets have  acquired point guard Deron Williams from the Utah Jazz for Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, the Nets’ 2011 first round pick, and the Warriors’ 2012 first round pick.

Obviously this is huge news for the Nets franchise.  It is unknown if Deron will sign an extension with the Nets, but rumors have been saying that he is unhappy with the trade. Williams is under contract through next season. We’ll keep you posted as more details break.

NBA Power Rankings: July 28, 2010

Based on this year’s offseason and last year’s performace, I have ranked all thirty NBA teams.    When the NBA season begins, I will be doing weekly power rankings.   Feel free to leave a comment and list your own rankings. 

1) Los Angeles Lakers
2) Miami Heat
3) Orlando Magic
4) Boston Celtics
5) Dallas Mavericks
6) Chicago Bulls
7) Atlanta Hawks
8 ) Utah Jazz
9) San Antonio Spurs
10) Denver Nuggets
11) Portland Trailblaizers
12) Oklahoma City Thunder
13) Milwaukee Bucks
14) New York Knicks
15) Charlotte Bobcats
16) Phoenix Suns
17) Houston Rockets
18) Memphis Grizzlies
19) New Orleans Hornets
20) New Jersey Nets
21) Cleveland Cavaliers
22) Philadelphia 76ers
23) Washington Wizards
24) Indiana Pacers
25) Toronto Raptors
26) Los Angeles Clippers
27) Detroit Pistons
28) Golden State Warriors
29) Sacramento Kings
30) Minnesota Timberwolves

I really do see the Knicks as a top 15 team this year.  They should make the playoffs.  As far as the Nets go, they have a tough hill to climb.  I may have given them too much credit here, but I wouldn’t underestimate their young talent.  If Avery Johnson can inspire this team, they can go places.