Daily Briefing: July 10, 2011

– Derek Jeter got his 3000th hit yesterday, and he did it in grand style.  His home run to give him 3000 hits was part of a 5-5 day.  He delivered the game winning hit in the 8th inning.  Christian Lopez, who caught the home run ball, will be rewarded with front row tickets for today’s game, suite tickets for the rest of the season, and a plethora of signed merchandise.

–  Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez has indeed hired Scott Boras to be his agent, according to multiple sources.  K-Rod refused to acknowledge the move yesterday, but we have no reason to believe the Boras hiring isn’t true.

– Rangers Wojtek Wolski could still be bought out, according to Larry Brooks.  This move only makes sense if the Rangers plan on perusing another high-priced player.  The Blueshirts have enough money to sign all of their RFAs, and like a few million dollars left over.  There’s no reason to buyout a player with such a high ceiling.  The Rangers need offense, and cutting ties with Wolski would only hurt them in that department.  The only way buying out Wolski could make sense is if the Rangers are looking to go after another scorer

– There’s been no news on either the NFL or NBA lockouts.  Deron Williams’ and Michael Beasley’s signings overseas have caused a stir throughout the NBA.  There’s word that some players could stay beyond 2011-2012, even if the lockout ends.  We also must wonder how D-Will playing overseas impacts his future with the Nets.  I think, if anything, not playing a second season with the Nets is a bad thing for the franchise.  It would have been much easier to re-sign Deron with a full season as a Net under his belt.

– Reports say Shaq is set to join the TNT studios.  This is a huge win for TNT and fans of the NBA.  The problem is that there likely will not be a season next year, so we may have to wait until 2012-2013 to see Shaq’s hard-hitting analysis.

– Oddly enough, Lebron James will now be sponsoring three college basketball teams.  Ohio State, Kentucky, and Miami should all benefit off of Lebron’s great public image, especially in recent months.  Great move by those those colleges.  I’m sure people from Ohio just love that their college basketball team is paying Lebron money to represent them.  The funny thing is, Lebron didn’t even go college.

– If you were wondering or concerned, Yi Jianlian is doing just fine during the lockout. Here’s a video of a recent epic dunk of his. Where was this Yi with the Nets?

– One of the main issues concerning the next NBA CBA is the salary cap.  Players want to keep the soft cap in place, while the owners want a hard/flex cap.  In this article, Gilbert Arenas explained how a hard cap won’t help small market teams.  I never though Arenas would say something intelligent, but he’s 100% right about this one.  I believe a hard cap really wouldn’t improve parity at all in the NBA.  Until you put actual rules in place to limit what the top teams in the league can do during the offseason, you’ll never have a competitive balance.  Something like the “Final Four” and “Final Eight” rules like we had in the NFL last season would be perfect.  I don’t get why realistic solutions like that aren’t brought up.  In the end, it’s about the owners and the league making money.  That’s the only reason they want a hard cap.

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Instant Reaction from the NBA Finals


“Crazy. Karma is a b****. Gets you every time.” – Lebron James

Jason Terry in Lebron’s Head?

According to MediaTakeOut.com, a Miami Heat player has claimed that Jason Terry’s trash talk has gotten into Lebron James’ head.

June 11, 2011. MediaTakeOut.com just got a BLOCKBUSTER report . . . from a MEMBER OF THE MIAMI HEAT SQUAD!!!

People are wondering WHY LeBron James hasn’t been playing as well as he’s supposed to . . . well according to his teammate – it’s because of Jason Terry’s TRASH TALK!!!

According to the insider, Jason Terry’s trash talk goes WAAAY overboard. The insider explained, “He tells LeBron that [his fiance Savannah] is ****ing other players. He talks about ****ing LeBron’s mom . . . [Jason Terry] says whatever he has to to get under LeBron’s skin.”

And the TRASH TALK seems to work. According to LeBron’s teammate, “LeBron may [even] believe some of that [stuff]. It’s effecting his play.”

Dang LeBron . . . you let a man TALKING SLICK TO YOU **** up your game. Somebody better get this dude to MAN THE **** UP!!!

Wow.  That’s a lot to comprehend.  I doubt this site has reliable sources, but this would be hilarious if it is true.  Lebron put himself in a position to be treated this way because of the way he put a bulls-eye on his back this offseason.  He deserves everything he gets, and no one should feel even a bit sorry for him.  He represents everything that is wrong about professional athletes today.

Mavericks Beat the Heat, Lead Series 3-2

One more win.  Say it again and soak it in.  The Mavericks are one win away from knocking off the Heat.

Sure, it’s no easy task.  Closing out a series on the road is never easy in the finals, ask the 1994 Knicks.  However, I have confidence in this Mavs team.  They just seem like they play so well together.  They’re also very likeable, which is definitely a great attribute to have in a team.

Dallas is 48 minutes away from a title, and more importantly Lebron is 48 minutes away from being denied a title once again.

The Mavericks will take their talents to South Beach and look to knock off the Whore of Akron.