Jets Won’t Do Much to Keep Braylon Edwards

According to Jets Gab, Jason La Canfora of NFL Network is reporting that Braylon Edwards is looking at top money.

Jets free agent wide receiver Braylon Edwards said in early May that he’d take a hometown discount to remain with the Jets but Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports Edwards is looking for the kind of big money that goes to top starting receivers.

In what could be a very shallow market, chances are he will get it. The Jets won’t fight that hard to keep him. La Canfora calls him petulant and inconsistent and has made poor decisions off the field. He will wow you with one moment of splendor then fall back into a bone-headed funk. La Canfora expects his worst traits to be exacerbated once he has that big contract.

Happy trails.  I don’t mind losing Edwards if it means the Jets can re-sign Holmes and Cromartie without a problem.  I’ll take my chances with someone like Plaxico Burress or Randy Moss (who Woody Johnson has expressed interest in) for a season.  I love Braylon and what he brings to the team, but he deserves to be paid like the secondary option he is.  It’s going to be tough losing him, but sometimes you have to make sacrifices to maintain a winning team.

With sources saying the new CBA (which could be very close to completion) will definitely include a salary cap, the Jets will likely have to pick and choose who they sign.  Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes, Brad Smith, and Antonio Cromartie would all be UFAs under the new CBA, so the Jets have some work ahead of them.  However, I trust in  this front office to put together a winning team for the fourth season in a row.


Jets 2011 NFL Draft Talking Points

Muhammad Wilkerson was picked by the Jets in the first round. I love the pick. There were other options, but none fit into the 3-4 like Wilkerson. Muhammad is an inside pass rusher, something hard to find in a 3-4. He can be what Trevor Pryce was in his prime for Baltimore. I still by my grade of a B+ for him.

Kenrick Ellis, a nose tackle, was picked in the third round. We have documented Ellis’ off the field problems, but there is no doubt this guy is a monster. If all the charges against him are dropped, this is a great pick. I’ll give the pick a B for now.

Bilal Powell, Gang Green’s fourth round pick, was the cause of much debate earlier today. Where does he fit in? It’s simple. With LT and McKnight both question marks, this is simple insurance for now and the future. Between him, Greene, and maybe McKnight, consider the running back position locked up for the future. I don’t see how that’s a bad thing. It’s a B- pick in my opinion.

Jeremy Kerley was an interesting fifth round pick. He is a kick and punt returner, something the Jets need desperately. If Brad Smith isn’t back, Kerley can play a similar role to what Smith did last season. This could end up being a very good late round pick for the Jets. I can’t complain about wide receiver depth, with three wide receiver free agents for the Jets. I give the pick a B-.

Greg McElroy came next in the seventh round. This is my favorite pick of the draft. McElroy is a National Champion quarterback from Alabama. He was projected to as high as round four in some mock drafts. There are some question marks about his arm strength, but the kid was pumped to be a Jet and looked thrilled to get a chance to play for this organization. Talk about a value pick! I give this pick an easy A.

Scotty McKnight was the Jets’ other seventh round pick. If you haven’t heard, the guy is good friends with Mark Sanchez. It’s a nice story, but there were much better prospects on the board. He could have been signed as an undrafted free agent. I’m not going to lose sleep over this pick, but I can’t give it higher than a C.

Overall Draft Grade: B+

I can’t complain about this draft. As a matter of fact, it’s my favorite in recent memory. The only comparable one would be the 2006 Draft, which I loved at the time. Obviously, that one ended up well. Who came out of it? D’Brickshaw Ferguson, Nick Mangold, and Leon Washington. I can only hope this year’s Draft will have similar results.

Could this be the next great Jets running back?

Late Reflecton on the Jets 2010 Season

The 2010 season was one to remember for the Jets and their fans. It was a season of exhilarating ups and depressing downs. General Manager Mike Tennenbuam assembled a team of stars by adding Ladanien Tomlinson, Antonio Cromartie, Santonio Holmes, Jason Taylor, and many more players to an already talented group that had reached the AFC championship game the year before.

It all started with the Jets training camp. The Jets had been chosen this year to be featured on HBO’s Hard Knocks. Hard Knocks is an HBO program that follows a different individual team each year during training camp. Through Hard Knocks, the Jets announced their intentions of winning the Super Bowl to the entire world. Viewers got an inside look at how confident Rex Ryan and his players were about the upcoming season.  Although everything seemed positive early on, it wasn’t. Star cornerback Darrelle Revis was holding out of training camp until he got a new contract. Revis, who had been a crucial piece to the Jets’ run in 2009, wanted to be the highest paid cornerback in the National Football League. Negotiations would continue all summer and eventually Revis would sign a new contract with the Jets.

With all the hype building up around the Jets, players and fans could not wait until week one of the National Football League season. The Jets played the Baltimore Ravens in week one, and the results were not what the Jets and their fans had expected. Sophomore quarterback Mark Sanchez struggled mightily in a 10-9 loss to the Ravens. It was a rough way to start the season, but it would only serve as a minor road bump for Sanchez and the Jets. The Jets would go on to win seven of their next eight games, including some fourth quarter, in one case overtime, dramatic victories over the Broncos, Browns, Lions, and Texans. The Jets were on a roll and it looked like they could not be stopped; that was until week 13 against the hated New England Patriots.

The Jets and Patriots were two of the hottest teams in the NFL when week 13 rolled around. Many experts and fans agreed that this matchup would determine who would win the AFC East division crown. The Jets, who had beaten the Patriots back in week two, were confident they could reverse the misfortune that has plagued them against their heated rivals in the past; they were dead wrong. The Jets would go on to lose the game 45 to 3. The Jets and their fans quickly lost the confidence and swagger they had had since summer training camp. The Jets went on to only win two of their remaining four games, and things looked bleak going into the playoffs.
Perhaps most tolling on the Jets’ regular season was the numerous off the field issues. Braylon Edwards had been charged with a DUI during the season, but probably the strangest of the off-field issues was Rex Ryan’s alleged foot-fetish. Late in the season, videos surfaced allegedly of Rex Ryan and his wife. In these videos, a male has a fetish for the feet of his female counterpart. Although having to constantly answer questions regarding the off the field issues, the Jets handled it well throughout the course of the season.
The Jets faced the Indianapolis Colts in the first round of the playoffs. The Colts had eliminated the Jets in the AFC Championship Game the previous season. Despite this, the Jets seemed pretty confident going into the game. The Jets would go on to win the game 17 to 16 on Nick Folk’s game winning field goal. With this win the Jets advanced to the divisional round of the playoffs, where the New England Patriots were waiting for them.
Nobody, not even Jets fans, gave the Jets any chance of beating the Patriots after the 45-3 debacle of week 13; yet the Jets were strangely confident. Both Jets players and Patriots players used the media as a way of criticizing their opponent. Players like Antonito Cromartie and Bart Scott continually called out and criticized the Patriots in the week before the ensuing battle began. Finally, it was game time. After a great battle between these two phenomenal teams, the Jets shocked the world: the Jets defeated the Patriots 28 to 21.
The Jets and their fans expected the Jets to ride the momentum of this tremendous win over the Patriots all the way to the Super Bowl, but it simply was not to be. The Jets would lose to the Steelers in the AFC Championship Game in a game the Jets were never really in a position to win.

The Jets’ 2010 season was one of great highs and devastating lows. It was marked by many off the field distractions and at times by phenomenal play on the field. Many key Jets are now free agents and the Jets will have to work to bring them back. Although 2010 did not end the way the Jets had wanted, the future is bright for this organization. If the NFL lockout ends and there is indeed a 2011 NFL season, I am confident that the Jets will once again be contenders for the Lombardi Trophy.

Antonio Cromartie Won’t Return to the Jets

According to multiple sources, the Jets will let Cromartie walk and enter free agency.  This is a good move for the Jets if it helps them bring back Holmes, Smith, and Edwards.  Asomugha is also on the table, but he’ll be to expensive to sign.

Keep it here for all the latest breaking news, Jet fans.  It’s going to be a rough offseason, but I think things will turn out ok in the end.  Have faith in Woody, Tannenbaum, and Rex.

UPDATE: Manish Mehta, Jets Daily News Beat Writer, says no decision has been made on Cromartie.

Breaking News: Braylon Edwards Arrested

According to multiple sources, Jets wide receiver Braylon Edwards was arrested this morning with a .16 blood alcohol level.  He is being charged with DUI.  Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum said this about the situation, “We are very disappointed in Braylon’s actions this morning.”

According to NFL rules, Edwards will get a pass for this case since it is his first time driving under the influence. However, he can be fined $50,000. I honetly hope he is fined every penny of that amount.

As more news breaks, we will keep you covered.

New York Nine: The General Managers

9)  Omar Minaya

It’s truly hard to believe that Omar still has a job.  The Beltran and Pedro signings were bad, but the Perez and Castillo signings are some of the worst of all time.  The Jason Bay signing is starting to look bad now too.  Even the Santana trade is looking bad right now because of Johan’s injuries.  Not to mention the mishandling of Willie Randolph in 2008.  An overall failure of a general manager.

8)  Glen Sather

He’s drafted well, but the Redden, Brashear, Boogard, Drury, and Gomez signings were just brutal.

7)  Billy King

You can’t really say anything about King since he is new to the job.  He hasn’t done anything for the Nets so far, but by doing nothing he is automatically better than Sather and Minaya.

6)  Garth Snow

Garth has drafted well, but it’s hard not to do that when you’re bad every year.  The Islanders will eventually be good, but Snow has done nothing to speed along that process.

5)  Donnie Walsh

While Walsh did a lot to get the Knicks under the cap, he didn’t land Lebron James.  Time will tell if Walsh is remembered as a hero or a guy who build the Knicks the wrong way.  He also can’t draft at all.

4)  Mike Tannenbaum

Tannenbaum has built the Jets into a Super Bowl contender.  Time will tell if Mike becomes one of the greatest general managers in New York sports history.

3)  Jerry Reese

Reese has drafted extremely well during his tenure with Big Blue.  He also built a Super Bowl winner in 2007.

2)  Lou Lamoriello

Despite being the general manager of a small market team, Lou lead the Devils to three Stanley Cups.  Without Lamoriello’s guidance, the Devils wouldn’t be the perennial powerhouse they are today.

1)  Brian Cashman

With four World Series wins, Brian Cashman is the best general manager in New York sports today.  Sure, he has a lot of money to work with.  At the same time, so does Omar Minaya.  Cashman has put a contender on the field every year he’s been in office.  He’s given out some bad contracts, but he’s also made some amazing trades to keep the Yankees competitive.

2010 NFL Offseason in Review

With the NFL season about to start in less than two weeks, let’s look back on this year’s historic offseason.

After a 5-0 start, the Giants seemed to have had booked a ticket to the 2009 playoffs. Unfortunately, the Giants would collapse and finish 8-8 on the season. The Giants’ defense was awful down the stretch, allowing over forty points in three of their last four games. The Giants would close out their old stadium in week 16 with a demoralizing 41-9 loss against Matt Moore and the Panthers. The Giants would address one of their needs immediately by signing safety Antrel Rolle to a five-year, $37 million contract. The Giants would add even more depth at safety by signing former Seahawk Deon Grant to a one-year deal.

With the 15th pick in the draft, the Giants decided to pick the best player available on their board. That player was Jason Pierre-Paul, defensive end out of South Florida. Pierre-Paul will be a work in progress, but he could eventually become a solid building piece. In the second round, the Giants selected defensive tackle Linval Joseph out of East Carolina. Picking another defensive lineman was a controversial move by the Giants. The Giants would draft safety Chad Jones out of LSU in round three to close out day two of the NFL Draft. The Giants finally addressed their middle linebacker situation in round four. Phillip Dillard, middle linebacker out of Nebraska, was selected by the Giants with the 115th overall pick. The problem with this pick is that most analysts don’t project him to be a starter. The Giants would take guard Mitch Petrus in the fifth round, before drafting outside linebacker Adrian Tracy in the sixth round. Giants finished off their draft by taking punter Matt Dodge, who could replace the retired Jeff Feagles.

The Giants’ off-season will ultimately be looked at as a success or failure, depending on their success this season. The front office didn’t address their starting middle linebacker situation as well as they could have, completely ignored their offense, and drafted for potential as opposed to definite talent. With an uncapped season, this certainly wasn’t the year to be cheap. Unfortunately, the Giants’ brass was rather passive when it came to the free agent market. The Giants should win anywhere from eight to twelve games this season. If their defense can hold up, expect a return to the playoffs.

Despite a 3-0 start, the Jets would end up falling to 7-7 by Week 15. Thanks to a great amount of luck, the Jets were able to leap over other teams in the standings and sneak their way into the playoffs. The Jets would dominate Cincinnati in the first round of the playoffs and advance to the AFC Divisional Round. The following week, the Jets pulled off an amazing upset against the Chargers to advance to the AFC Championship Game. The Jets would finally be eliminated by the Colts, despite having a lead at halftime.

Most people expected the Jets to have a quiet off-season. Because of the “final eight” rule, the Jets were severely limited on what they could do in the free agent market. The first move for the Jets was to bringing back fullback Tony Richardson on a one-year deal. Kicker Nick Folk and safety Brodney Pool were also signed early in the off-season. I would have personally kept kicker Jay Feely around for one more year, as Folk‘s kicking could become problematic. However, Pool is the perfect free safety for Rex Ryan’s defense. Before the Pool signing, the Jets traded safety Kerry Rhodes to the Cardinals for a fourth round pick in this year’s draft and a seventh round pick in next year’s draft.

The Jets made a huge trade in early March that brought in cornerback Antonio Cromartie. Cromartie is one of the best “big play” corners in the league. With Darelle Revis patrolling the other side of the field, Cromartie will be tested more than he ever has before. This should lead to the opportunity to intercept more passes.

Gang Green’s other big trade this off-season was the Santonio Holmes trade. The Jets acquired former Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes for a fifth round draft pick. This trade was an absolute steal, as Holmes is widely considered a top-15 wide receiver. Unfortunately, Holmes will be suspended the first four games of the season for violating the league’s substance abuse policy.

Perhaps the biggest signing of the off-season for the Jets was the signing of running back Ladainian Tomlinson. Ladainian isn’t the player he once was, but he is still an above average back. Since the Jets had one of the best offensive lines in football last year, look for Tomlinson’s production to increase. The Tomlinson signing led to the departure of Thomas Jones. This was a controversial move, but I feel it was the right one to make. Jones has very little left in the tank and has been overused for many years. Last year in the playoffs, Jones was falling down after the slightest contact. He may have had more production last year than Tomlinson, but Jones didn’t have to deal with the poor run-blocking offensive line that Tomlinson did.

The Jets made the most controversial signing of their off-season by bringing in former Dolphin linebacker Jason Taylor. Despite his talent, many Jets fans still have bitter feelings towards him. Taylor was a long time villain in Jets history. He was often being seen taunting Jets fans during games and making obscene comments about the franchise itself. Jason once said, “The Jets fans take the ’cl’ out of class.” The controversial linebacker will be a pass rusher at the 3-4 outside linebacker position. This should add a new dimension to the Jets’ defense.

The Jets had a risky, yet productive draft. In the first round, the Jets selected New Jersey native Kyle Wilson with the 29th overall pick. Wilson is the perfect nickel backer for Rex Ryan’s defense. If Wilson can cover slot wide receivers, Rex Ryan would gain the ability to blitz more often without worrying about allowing a big play. Wilson is also an amazing punt returner.

The Jets selected tackle/guard Vladimir Ducasse in the second round. Ducasse is projected to be a right tackle, but this year he will play left guard. Ducasse has shown the ability to pull block successfully, even for a 330 pound monster. With this pick, Alan Faneca became expendable. Faneca, the nine-time Pro Bowl selection, was released by the Jets during day three of the draft. Despite being a solid run-blocker, Faneca was awful in pass protection last season.

The Jets didn’t have a third round pick, but in the fourth round the Jets traded up to select running back Joe McKnight. McKnight is considered to have a similar skill set to Leon Washington, who was traded with a seventh round pick to the Seahawks for a fifth round pick. The Jets didn’t get much back for Leon, who is recovering from a fractured fibula. McKnight, Greene, and Tomlinson should easily make up for the loss of Leon. The Jets used their last pick to draft fullback John Conner, the likely replacement for Tony Richardson after this season.

Overall, it was an amazing off-season for the Jets. Despite having numerous restrictions against them, the Jets got younger, cheaper, and better during this off-season. Mike Tannenbaum and owner Woody Johnson once again proved that the Jets have one of the best front offices in all of sports. If the Jets can stay healthy and effective, I don’t see why they can’t make a run for a championship. I wouldn’t count on a Jets-Giants Super Bowl, but anything is possible.