Miami Herald Congratulates Heat


Instant Reaction from the NBA Finals


“Crazy. Karma is a b****. Gets you every time.” – Lebron James

Jason Terry in Lebron’s Head?

According to, a Miami Heat player has claimed that Jason Terry’s trash talk has gotten into Lebron James’ head.

June 11, 2011. just got a BLOCKBUSTER report . . . from a MEMBER OF THE MIAMI HEAT SQUAD!!!

People are wondering WHY LeBron James hasn’t been playing as well as he’s supposed to . . . well according to his teammate – it’s because of Jason Terry’s TRASH TALK!!!

According to the insider, Jason Terry’s trash talk goes WAAAY overboard. The insider explained, “He tells LeBron that [his fiance Savannah] is ****ing other players. He talks about ****ing LeBron’s mom . . . [Jason Terry] says whatever he has to to get under LeBron’s skin.”

And the TRASH TALK seems to work. According to LeBron’s teammate, “LeBron may [even] believe some of that [stuff]. It’s effecting his play.”

Dang LeBron . . . you let a man TALKING SLICK TO YOU **** up your game. Somebody better get this dude to MAN THE **** UP!!!

Wow.  That’s a lot to comprehend.  I doubt this site has reliable sources, but this would be hilarious if it is true.  Lebron put himself in a position to be treated this way because of the way he put a bulls-eye on his back this offseason.  He deserves everything he gets, and no one should feel even a bit sorry for him.  He represents everything that is wrong about professional athletes today.

Miami’s Championship Parade Plans

After intense research, we have found part of the Heat’s championship parade plans.  We found a Craigslist entry to hire workers to sell merchandise.  Based on it, the parade was supposed to be today if Miami won in 5.  That didn’t happen, and obviously they won’t win in 6 either.  So if they do climb out of their 3-2 hole, the parade will be June 16.

Not for nothing, this is pretty pathetic.  The organization has to revert to a website like this to find workers?  If this isn’t the actual organization and it’s just a bunch of people trying to make money, it’s even more pathetic.  Looks like someone counted their chickens before they hatched.

Mavericks Beat the Heat, Lead Series 3-2

One more win.  Say it again and soak it in.  The Mavericks are one win away from knocking off the Heat.

Sure, it’s no easy task.  Closing out a series on the road is never easy in the finals, ask the 1994 Knicks.  However, I have confidence in this Mavs team.  They just seem like they play so well together.  They’re also very likeable, which is definitely a great attribute to have in a team.

Dallas is 48 minutes away from a title, and more importantly Lebron is 48 minutes away from being denied a title once again.

The Mavericks will take their talents to South Beach and look to knock off the Whore of Akron.

A Poem on Game 2 by Micah Hart

Jason Terry strokes the J,
Flies down court and makes them pay.

A couple of freebies, Mavs moving fast,
Marion drives and puts it off glass.

Kidd is open, he drains a three!
A pull-up jumper from Mr. J.T.

It’s Dirk time now, making shots a’plenty,
A rattling jumper, a finish lefty,

A trey from deep, the Heat feeling blue…
The winner past Bosh. Take dat wit chew.