Seth Meyers Rips Nets at ESPYs

Seth Meyers took a shot last night at the Nets at the ESPYs.  Nets fans are already complaining about the joke, and rightfully so.  Meyers claimed that Kim Kardashian is marrying Kris Humphries because she’s tired of dating professional athletes, inferring that the Nets are some sort of pathetic franchise that has been irrelevant forever.  Either Meyers started watching basketball in 2007, or he was completely ignoring reality.

For those wondering, Meyers is a Red Sox, Celtics, and Steelers fan.  Talk about not knowing how to lose.  That alone deprives him the right to make any joke about any team.  The worst fans in the world are those who bandwagon teams and then proceed to make fun of inferior teams.

Anyway, the Nets have made the playoffs six out of the last ten years, something the majority of the league hasn’t done.  They’ve also won nine playoff series last decade, something any team would sign up for.  I don’t get Meyers’ joke about the ESPYS “not having any Nets for the past 15 years.”  That makes no sense because they’ve been an extremely relevant franchise over that time period.

Meyers’ Celtics haven’t even been that better of a franchise than the Nets have been over the past two decades.  Since 1991, the Celtics have made the playoffs 10 times.  The Nets have made it 9 times.  In head-to-head playoff matchups, the Nets are 2-0 against the Celtics.  The Nets were 8-2 in the games in those two series.  Sure, the Celtics won it all in 2008, but they’ve only been to the Finals a total of two times since 1987.  The Nets have also been to the Finals two times in that time period.

It’s time for all Nets jokes to stop.  The Nets franchise was very successful over the last decade, and they have a very bright future ahead.  Next year, the Nets may have the best arena in all of professional sports.  Not only that, but they have one superstar in place and could be adding another very shortly.

Seth Meyers needs a history lesson on the Nets.