Melo Watch: 2/21/11

We’re three days away from the trading deadline, and Carmelo Anthony is still a Nugget.  With Denver in action Tuesday night, we could see a deal get done today.

-The New York Post is reporting that Carmelo Anthony will inform the Nets today whether or not he will accept an extension with the Nets. The Nets and Nuggets are said to have a trade in place, the only roadblock is Melo’s willingness to sign an extension with New Jersey.

– Carmelo met with Mikhail Prokhorov Saturday night. Prokhorov called it a “fantastic” meeting, and even went on to call it a good tactical decision to force the Knicks to give up more for Melo.

– Deron Williams has denied the rumors of him wanting to play in New York.

– According to Real GM, David Stern didn’t want an announcement Sunday.

– The Knicks seem to not want to go any further with talks.  They have made their final offer.  However, the Nuggets want Timofey Mozgov included in the deal.

Chris Broussard reports that the Nets would be interested in a separate trade with Denver for some Knicks players they would acquire in the Melo deal.

– Some sources are saying the Nets have thrown in the towel, while others are saying the exact opposite.  It’s hard to tell what to believe right now.


Melo Watch: 2/20/11

As new stories develop on Melo or the trading deadline in general, they will be posted here.

– According to multiple sources, Mikhail Prokhorov met with Carmelo last night.  Melo didn’t commit to anything at the meeting, and the Nets didn’t seem thrilled at how the meeting went.

– Many sources are also reporting that Deron Williams wants to join the Knicks in 2012.  With Chris Paul also a free agent, the Knicks would have to pick one of the two.  It’s certainly a great problem to have.

– The rumor going around is that the Nuggets want Timofey Mozgov or another draft pick.  The Knicks are hesitant to add Mozgov.  Shelden Williams and Renaldo Balkman would come back to the Knicks to make the trade work.

Real GM says the Knicks would get back Anthony Carter, not Williams and Balkman.

– The Knicks said they have made their final offer and that it is now up to the Nuggets to pull the trigger on a deal.  Smart move by Dolan and Isiah.  Yeah, I just complemented Isiah Thomas and Jim Dolan.

– According to Alan Hahn, Mozgov is a deal breaker for New York. He is the difference between Melo being traded to the Knicks or to the Nets.

– Chris Broussard says no ultimatum has been given to the Knicks by Denver. So no Mozgov may not necessarily mean a trade to the Nets.