Do the Knicks want Chandler back?

The Knicks would have to get lucky, but one of their targets this summer is to bring Wilson Chandler back into the fold, The Post has learned.

Chandler, who was dispatched to Denver in the Carmelo Anthony trade, will be a restricted free agent, and a source said he would love to return to the Knicks. And the Knicks would love to have him back, as coach Mike D’Antoni believes he’s the perfect versatile fit for his system who does so many things, including rebound. Chandler’s Nuggets trail Oklahoma City 3-1 in the first round.

Chandler’s new agent is Happy Walters, who also represents Amar’e Stoudemire and Knicks surprise reserve standout Shawne Williams, also a free agent whom the Knicks would like to bring back.

The question is how to get Chandler back. A sign-and-trade with Denver is possible, since the Nuggets once liked rookie Landry Fields, who had a terrible playoffs. Fields did not feel comfortable playing with Anthony, but he thrived with the Nuggets’ Danilo Gallinari, Raymond Felton and Timofey Mozgov.

The Knicks also could go under the salary cap if they decide to buy out Chauncey Billups by Friday. If they bring Billups back, the Knicks could also sign Chandler to the mid-level exception on a long-term deal, if Chandler is willing to take less money to play in New York. The sense is he’s not thrilled with the Rocky Mountains and was despondent in his final weeks as a Knick with rumors he was bound for Denver.

The Knicks also have a decision to make with Billy Walker, who has a team option of $916,000. They likely will let Shelden Williams, Jared Jeffries and Roger Mason walk.

Point guard Anthony Carter is a free agent and intrigued the coaching staff. They could buy out Renaldo Balkman’s final two years. The oft-injured Ronny Turiaf has a player option of $4.3 million that he’s likely to exercise, but the Knicks also could buy him out. Rookie point guard Andy Rautins also may be released to open a roster spot.

I would support this in a heartbeat.  Chandler is a perfect role player who can play multiple positions.  I’d love to see him back.  I really wouldn’t want to give up Fields though.  If it comes down to it, it would be tough to part with him.

Could Will the Thrill be coming back to New York?


Nets Now Frontrunners for Carmelo

Once again, Real GM and ESPN are claiming they have sources that know all things involving Carmelo Anthony.  Late last night, ESPN reported that the Nuggets are listening to trade offers from multiple teams.  The favorites?  The Nets.  Who would have guessed?

I think it is safe to rule the Bulls out at this point.  The Nuggets won’t want to take on Luol Deng’s contract.  The Nets and Knicks are both very good possibilities, but I personally can’t see a deal getting done until February.  The Nuggets won’t lower their demands, and I don’t see them giving  in until the trade deadline. 

While Carmelo wouldn’t make the Knicks or Nets immediate contenders, he would be a real solid piece going forward.  Before either team pulls the trigger on a trade, they have to be confident that Melo will sign a long-term extension.  You can’t give up a whole lot for him and then see him leave next offseason. 

Let’s look at each team’s lineup with Carmelo added in.  Obviously, each team would have to give up pieces to trade for him.  Let’s say the Nets give up T-Will and Favors, while the Knicks give up Gallinari and Chandler.



That’s certainly not a bad lineup for either team.

UPDATE: NBC Sports is now reporting that the Nets are in the drivers seat for Carmelo.

Source: Melo Still Hoping For Trade To Bulls, Knicks

According to Real GM, the Knicks and Bulls are the preferred landing spots for Carmelo Anthony.  If I were the Knicks, I’d make a package around Gallinari, Curry, Randolph, and Chandler.  It’s a whole lot to give up, but you are getting Carmelo Anthony in return. 

That offer is much stronger than one Chicago can make.  Luol Deng’s salary makes for a horrible trading asset.  Anything is possible, but I think the Knicks are the better landing spot.

PG: Felton
SG: Azubuike
SF: Melo
PF: Amar’e
C: Turiaf

Even after a trade, that Knicks team would be deadly.

Will the Knicks and Nets be Offensive or Defensive Teams?

Offensive and defensive bias are keys to understanding basketball’s advanced statistics.  A player with a more positive bias has a better offensive game.  A player with a more negative bias has a better defensive game.  It’s a simple concept to see what type of player someone is.  For more on this topic, click here.

All stats are for the 2009-2010 season.

Kelenna Azubuike: 2.3
Wilson Chandler: -0.2
Eddy Curry: -7.0
Toney Douglas: 3.1
Raymond Felton: 0.2
Danillo Gallinari: 3.2
Roger Mason: -1.7
Anthony Randolph: -1.7
Amar’e Stoudemire: 3.2
Ronny Turiaf: -2.9
Bill Walker: 1.6

Total Bias: 0.1

Now I know people expected a much higher bias for the Knicks towards offense, but look at the numbers closely.  If you take out Eddy Curry, the team bias is suddenly 7.1.  Since Curry isn’t really part of the team, it is very fair to say the Knicks are much more of an offensive team than defensive.

Jordan Farmar: -0.8
Devin Harris: 3.1
Kris Humphries: -2.6
Brook Lopez: 2.1
Sean May: -2.5
Anthony Morrow: 1.0
Troy Murphy: -0.5
Travis Outlaw: -2.2
Johan Petro: -1.9
Quinton Ross: -3.4
Terrence Williams: -2.1

Total Bias: -9.8

The Nets are clearly a defensive team, which is a good thing.  For a young team looking to put together wins, defense is a great tool to implement.  I’m looking forward to seeing if this team can click this season.

Knicks Reject Deal for Fernandez?

Yesterday, Real GM reported that the Knicks rejected a deal that would have made Rudy Fernandez a Knick.  In the three-way deal, the Knicks would have given up Anthony Randolph.  Because of Randolph’s potential, this was a very smart decision by Donnie Walsh. 

Fernandez is a very good player, but I wouldn’t even give up Wilson Chandler for him

Rudy Fernandez for Wilson Chandler?

According to Real GM, the Knicks have offered Wilson Chandler for Rudy Fernandez.  Fernandez would likely start at SG for the Knicks, and have major minutes.  This trade isn’t going to make or break the Knicks, but I personally feel that Chandler has the higher potential and is currently the better player. 

The bottom line is that the Knicks don’t need another three-point chucker.  Wilson Chandler’s defense is extremely valuable to this team.  Fernandez may be the more flashy player, but Chandler is a guy the Knicks should keep if they want to win as many games as possible. 

If the Knicks feel Fernandez is their guy, you really can’t fault them for going out and getting him.  He is an expiring contract, and he could potentially fit well with Mike D’Antoni’s system.  I would prefer for this trade not to happen, but I hope it works out ok if it does. 

The Knicks also signed Maurice Ager today to what will likely be a training camp contract. 

Arguing With Idiots Volume VI: Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony has recently been the subject of a number of rumors surrounding where he will play this year and next year. While the Knicks have been labeled as the clear favorite, many skeptics can’t help but to bash the Knicks and list reasons why Carmelo shouldn’t or wouldn’t come to New York. It’s time to disprove any theories surrounding Carmelo joining the Knicks.

The Knicks don’t have the trade pieces to acquire Carmelo.

They don’t have the best pieces, but they still have pieces. Gallinari and Chandler are two great young talents. Eddy Curry has value too because he is an expiring contract. While I don’t want the Knicks trading Randolph, he is another extremely valuable piece.

The bottom line is that Carmelo has all the leverage. If he says he won’t re-sign with anyone but the Knicks, no one will give up anything major for a one-year rental. That would leave the Knicks with the only offer on the table.

Carmelo has no leverage in this situation. He doesn’t have a no trade clause.

He doesn’t have to have one. If he says he will not re-sign for a particular team, they will not give up major pieces for him. It is up for Denver to make the trade, but there will not be any offers on the table if other teams know that Carmelo is intent on signing with the Knicks next off-season.

Why not go to Orlando, Chicago, or even Houston. All three of those teams give you a better chance to win than the Knicks.

I’m not going to argue that Orlando and Chicago would give him a better chance to win, but there is no way the Rockets would be better than the Knicks next year, especially since this is probably Yao Ming’s last season.

The real question is whether or not the Knicks (with Melo) would be better than the current Bulls and Magic.




The Knicks are just as good, if not better than the Bulls in that scenario. While they aren’t currently as good as the Magic, adding a star point guard like Tony Parker or Chris Paul could change that. I truly believe that Chris Paul will go wherever Carmelo goes. If not, Tony Parker is a more than fine option next season.

The Knicks are rumored to have to give up Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler, Eddy Curry, and a future first round pick. Isn’t that a bit too much to give up for one player?

No way. Carmelo is a franchise player that could attract other big names to the Big Apple. The trade isn’t even that bad.

You are losing Gallinari, who is the biggest piece in the deal. He will obviously be replaced by Melo himself, so you are gaining a whole lot at SF. At SG, Azubuike could easily replace Chandler as the starter.

Obviously, Eddy Curry isn’t a loss at all. At this point, he’s not even really part of the team. The draft pick isn’t worth crying over either, because the Knicks’ next first-round pick is in 2014. At that time, they should be good and the pick will almost definitely be a non-lottery pick.

Carmelo would not be much of an upgrade over Gallinari.

Really? Let’s look at some of each player’s advanced statistics from last year.

Anthony: 29.5
Gallinari: 17.8

Anthony: 6.9
Gallinari: 5.8

Anthony: 3.4
Gallinari: 2.0

Anthony: 9.5
Gallinari: 3.2

So Carmelo destroys Danilo in points scored, rebounds, and assists. He also will win you over six more games than Gallinari would. That is more than a significant upgrade.

It is unknown whether or not Carmelo would fit into Mike D’Antoni’s offense.

Mike D’Antoni’s high paced offense will definitely suit Carmelo very well. The offense is built around superstarts like Amar’e and Melo. A scoring machine like Carmelo is exactly what the Knicks need.

With all of this said, there is no reason for Carmelo not to bring his talents to Broadway.