Mauling the Media: Lockout Edition

During this NFL lockout, the media has reached a new low. From lies, to misreporting, to childish slander, the media has show how low its integrity actually is.

Let’s look at different instances of the lockout being “over”.

It all started in late April when the lockout temporarily was put on hold.  The media went crazy, but they failed to report on a possible appeal by the owners.  The owners won their appeal, and the lockout still hasn’t officially ended to this day.  Not only that, beat writers and amateur bloggers started to speculate on what the rules would have been for free agency.  Some said we’d go back to 2010 rules, some said we’d go back to 2009 rules, and others just completely made things up.

Then you had the false reportings of the lockout being over.  Some said it would end July 21, some said it would end even earlier.

Here’s all the times we reported on the media thinking it was over.

April 25

June 15

July 11

July 15

July 16

July 23

Once again, the media shows how it’s more important for them to be first, rather than being right.

If Adam Schefter is wrong about the lockout being over, there will be a lot of angry NFL fans.


Breaking News: NFL Lockout Appears to be Over

It looks like the lockout is over.  The NFLPA is expected to hold a press conference on Monday.  The league year (and training camps) could begin on Friday.  Team facilities may open earlier.

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UPDATE (7:15 P.M.): Damien Woody just confirmed the speculation.  The lockout is over.

UPDATE (12:20 A.M.): Reports now say the players are set to officially vote Monday.  All signs indicate that they will approve the CBA.

Daily Briefing: July 22, 2011

– The NFL owners passed a CBA yesterday, but the players have yet to vote on it.  I highly doubt they’ll agree to the proposal.  Reports say the deal heavily favors the owners.  Knowing well that the players won’t agree to the deal, this was likely just a public relations move by the league.

– The Jets announced yesterday that they hired former Colts offensive coordinator Tom Moore as a consultant.  I love the move.  Let’s hope he can do to Mark Sanchez what he did to Peyton Manning.

Sources say that NL East teams are interested in Carlos Beltran.  The Daily News says the Mets could trade Carlos to the Phillies or Braves, despite rivalries with both teams.  I believe this is a smart move by the Mets.

– As we reported yesterday, the Rangers have re-signed Brandon Dubinsky to a four-year deal worth $16.8 million.  Considering this year’s free agency market, this is a great deal for the Rangers.  Dubinsky could be a legitimate 30 goal scorer in this league if he reaches his potential.  If not, the Rangers will settle for a hard-working 20-25 goal scorer who gives his all every night.  You’ll rarely see a game that Dubinsky doesn’t make an impact in some way or another.

– Announcer Doc Emrick announced yesterday that he is leaving the Devils for a full-time role with NBC/Versus.  He was without a doubt one of the best announcers in the league every year he was with the Devils.  Good luck to him, and I can’t wait to see him take on a more prominent role in nationally televised games.

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Doc spend 21 years as a play-by-play man for the Devils.

Owners Approve Labor Deal, Players on the Clock

According to multiple sources, the NFL owners have approved a proposed labor deal.  The players may vote tonight on the deal, but there has been no confirmation yet.  Reports say the deal would be for ten years with no opt-out clauses.

This is the first step to ending the lockout, but don’t be surprised if the players turn this down.

Update (10:00 PM): The players have not and will not vote tonight.

Daily Briefing: July 21, 2011

– The NFL lockout was expected to be over by July 21, but there will be no deal today or anytime soon, according to various sources.  Seahawks guard Chester Pitts even said that a deal won’t happen for another two weeks.  That would be a disaster.

– There have been conflicting reports of a possible vote on a proposed CBA.  Some have said a vote will take place soon, while others say the two sides are far apart.  It’s hard what to believe anymore concerning the lockout.  A week ago we thought a deal would be done today, and now we have no idea when a deal will get done.

– The NBA lockout is still on, and there is no end in site.  A hard cap and changes to the revenue system are almost assuredly going to keep a new CBA from being agreed upon before this season.  It still wouldn’t surprise me if all of this season is missed.

– The Yankees have won two out of three games against Tampa Bay this week, with the final game of the series tonight.  The Rays are now eight games out of first place.  The Bombers head back home Friday for a weekend series against the A’s.

– It’s safe to say that the Mets are now out of contention for a playoff spot.  At seven and a half games back in the wild card race, there is no hope for the Mets.  Carlos Beltran is the number one asset the Mets should look to trade away.  I don’t see anyway he doesn’t get dealt by the July 31 trading deadline.

– There has been talking about shipping Beltran to the Phillies for Domonic Brown.  This would be a great move in my opinion, despite the fact it may help the Phillies win a championship.  The Mets have to do anything to get better for the future, and a trade for Brown would certainly help do that.

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Carlos Beltran's days in New York are numbered.

Daily Briefing: July 20, 2011

– The NFL lockout is still on, but it is expected to end any day now.  I personally wouldn’t be surprised if today is the day a deal gets done.  Negotiations are being held up by the Brady vs NFL anti-trust lawsuit, but hopefully everything will be resolved quickly.

– Meanwhile, the NBA lockout has no end in sight.  The Knicks will open up at home against the Heat if the season starts on time, but that’s very unlikely.  I fully expect to miss at least half the season.  I’d say at this point it’s likely we don’t see another NBA game until the 2012-2013 season.  Games are going to have to be missed before one side caves in their demands.

– Antonio Cromartie said that he wouldn’t give the Jets a hometown discount, which shouldn’t be surprising to any Jets fans.  Cromartie has always come off as a guy who would easily leave to go get money somewhere else.  It will hurt the Jets if he leaves, but the team can definitely do without him.  If his departure leads to the re-signing of Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards, it may be a good thing.

– Peter DeBoer is the new head coach of the Devils.  I don’t expect him to last more than three months, as it’s customary that Devils coaches don’t last the whole season.

– The Lightning and Steven Stamkos have reached a five-year deal.  As I said all along, there was no way Steve Yzerman was going to move him.

– The Yankees and Mets have discussed a possible Carlos Beltran trade, but it remains unlikely at this point.  I believe the Mets should not shy away from possibly trading with the Yankees, Braves, or Phillies.  They would only be hurting themselves by not taking the best deal possible.

– More and more teams seem to have interest in Ubaldo Jimenez, although there is no reason to believe the Rockies will trade him.

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Could Carlos Beltran be wearing a different set of pinstripes within the next week and a half?

Daily Briefing: July 19, 2011

– With the lockout over for all intensive purposes, free agency should begin sometime next week.  I believe the Jets’ salary cap situation isn’t that bad, and other sites such as Jet Nation agree with me.

– One of the biggest free agents for the Giants is Ahmad Bradshaw.  He may look to take his talents down to South Beach, according to sources.  This would be bad news for the Giants, because they don’t have another reliable running back behind Brandon Jacobs and Bradshaw.  Unlike when Derrick Ward left, there’s no Ahmad Bradshaw waiting to take his place.  If Giants fans think D.J. Ware is that guy, good luck with that.

– Pro Football Focus has been compiling position rankings using advanced statistics.  Nick Mangold was ranked the #1 center in football in a landslide, while Shaun O’Hara was ranked #5.  Bryan Thomas and Calvin Pace rank #9 and #10 for 3-4 outside linebackers.  Chris Snee ranks #5 for guards, Brandon Moore ranks #6, while Rich Seubert ranks #8.  D’Brickshaw Ferguson was the #3 overall left tackle, Damien Woody was the #1 overall right tackle, and Kareem McKenzie was ranked #2 for right tackles.  Santonio Holmes was ranked as the #8 overall wide receiver.

– Overall, the Jets were ranked #1 in the site’s offensive line ranking, having the best pass blocking and rush blocking lines.

– According to Jeremy Shockey, a labor deal is done and football activities will begin Thursday.  I’ll believe it when I see it.   Teams like the Packers are telling their players to show up Saturday.  Again, I refuse to celebrate until a deal is done.

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According to Pro Football Focus, the Jets have the best offensive line in football.